Why Should You Try Safe Personal Alarm In 2022?

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Safe Personal Alarm has become a big part of everyday life for women, even for kids, travelers, elderly or seniors people living alone or have a medical condition. Basically, anybody looking out for feel secure and for the love ones. 

With the increase in crime, assaults and acts of violence worldwide during this last year, feeling secure is not a luxury, it is a necessity for all people.

 Try safe personal alarm can help you feel secure when your kids, or your loved ones, are going out. Try safe personal alarm could also prevent kidnappings or abductions of your loved ones. 
“Many people were abducted in 2022 and never came back. Some were victimized while out on the streets. These stories have been going around for years with more information coming available every year.

The worst part is that they did not have a personal alarm and were therefore unable to prevent the attack.

The 5 Best Soundsafe Personal Alarm 2022

safe personal alarm
soundsafe personal alarm
safety sound personal alarm
safe sound personal alarm
soundsafe personal alarm


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soundsafe personal alarm
sound safe personal alarm
 safe sound personal alarms
soundsafe personal alarm
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Pull Out The Pin

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Pull Out The Pin

Pull Out The Pin








soundsafe personal alarm
soundsafe personal alarm
safesound personal alarm
safe sound personal alarm
safe sound personal alarms

Military Grade

try safe personal alarm
safesound personal alarm canada
safe personal alarm
trysafe personal alarm
personal safety alarm

Non-breakable plastic Crush or Fall Resistant 

try safe personal alarm
safesound personal alarm canada
safe personal alarm
trysafe personal alarm
personal safety alarm

Available Colors

Black, White, Red, Lavander & Navy

Black - Pink - White - Blue

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Black - Pink - White

Only White







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trysafe personal alarm
try safe personal alarm
try safe personal alarm
trysafe personal alarm
try safe personal alarm


soundsafe personal alarm

Today millions of American women in addition to children are now protecting themselves with a self defense alarm.

For instance, if you walking down the sidewalk and someone is chasing you, it is highly likely that they will hear the warning bell and will walk away from you, if he hears the sound of the alarm but also sees powerful flashes of light, he will not take the risk.

It’s helpful to remember that most thieves are cowardly and will avoid risk in any way possible. This is the reason why they like to break into safes, as there is no risk of being caught when you’re hiding from a safe.

73.1 percent of all reported kidnappings, robbers, or abusers attack at night. Typically, when the victim is alone or isolated. That’s why it’s so important to try safe personal alarm with SOS lead light.

For instance, if you walking down the sidewalk and someone is chasing you, it is highly likely that they will hear the warning bell and hopefully run off. However, if you happen to be caught in their path, they will undoubtedly get scared enough to stop along with see what is going on.

If you looking for information to buy the leading personal keychain alarm in 2022, you have come to the right website, I am experts in individual security, I will guide you to make the selection on the defense safety alarm in order to greatest suits your needs, to always have the greatest protection.

Read the Best safe personal alarm reviews

safe personal alarm

Safe Personal Alarm

Why Do You Need Try Safe Personal Alarm?

A robbery, assault, or kidnapping for money, prostitution human or organ trafficking, is the most similar to an accident, you do not leave your house saying today I will have an accident, it is simply something unexpected that happens even if you’re not programmed for it.

Having said that, people must rethink their security, regardless of the cost, money is so little price to pay compared to losing your loved ones.

The Current State of Crime worldwide

The report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime states that the crime rate across the world has been surging since 2006. Robberies, sexual harassment, kidnappings or assaults happen in every country all around the world.

Robbery is one of those crimes that happen across all countries of the world. It is a common occurrence in different environments, such as street robberies or bank robberies.

Street robbery is when an offender steals property from a victim by force or threat of violence for another person’s financial benefit; usually with somebody else as an accomplice to ensure that nobody can stop them.

Hootie Soundsafe personal alarm is the best choice as an excellent form of protection against predators or others criminals, who might otherwise take advantage of a person who is alone. It is also a good idea to consider one for those people who might be going into potentially dangerous environments.

You’re in a situation where a good option is that people should notice you furthermore come to help out? Or you do not have any strength to keep the person away from you?

Don’t worry! Here is an item that is accessible plus easy to carry. A cool little item that is not going to cost you a ton of money.

So immediately grab a bunch of items. Not only for individual security but also self- security.

trysafe personal alarm

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What is a Soundsafe personal alarm?

personal safety alarm

Security alarm keychain is portable individual protection alarm devices created to call the curiosity of people who are close to us to come to our aid when we might be in a dangerous situation. Could be considered an improved version of the panic button, of course with many additional benefits.

There is a lot of feedback on the internet, those have different names but showing how useful these devices are, you can check in e-commerce like ebay and amazon.

A personal security alarm is a portable device capable of attracting the curiosity of individuals near us, to indicate we might be in a dangerous situation. Anyone can carry one as they offer individual protection along with a sense of relief.

In the United States, together with around the world women might be a preferable target among thieves. These unscrupulous opportunists take women’s wallets quickly and run away, but is their nightmare to encounter one with a safety alarm for women, as in this scenario they almost never achieve their goal.

Elderly and Senior people are populations that are sensitive to robberies and assaults around the world.

Personal protection alarms are the devices you can carry with you while walking, running together with jogging, etc. The main purpose behind personal alarm siren is to provide security to individuals by its resound super loud which attracts the attention of others. Moreover, the ear-piercing resound of the alarm along with the combination with flashes of light often frustrates the attackers plus provides the victim an opportunity to flee.

Every day is more common to carry around things to protect you such as pepper spray or Tasers. Even though, individuals often get caught up at the moment and don’t actually utilize these protection devices, maybe because some individuals don’t find them particularly easy to handle.

SafeSound is a little hand-held electronic gadget with the usefulness to produce a boisterous alarm like disturbing sound.

The paragraph above explains  why personal alarm safesound have become more common nowadays because are protecting tools easy to activate at any moment. 

Everyone has the right to provide safety to themselves along with their loved ones. individual protection depends upon your convenience in addition to comfort. No doubt, safesound personal alarms will be the better options in this regard.

Not only this, in an accident at the roadside, but your Personal Safety Alarm can also alert others without you becoming a potential victim.

What advantages should the best Safe Sound Personal Alarms have?

On one hand, a personal safety alarm keychain can be very handy to have for many reasons. It has both benefits and drawbacks before it is brought home. With the advantages and disadvantages in mind, the decision to purchase is up to you.

High Quality

The personal alarm keychain with led light that doesn’t get deactivated even if you drop it to the ground, crush resistant. High Quality Abs plastic.

Simple to activate

The SafeSound, is simple to use. In order to operate the Personal Safety Alarm all you need to do is to pull the device. In this way, the pin will detach the resound of 130db triggers which will continue sounding until you put the pin back, is 130db self security device.

Frightens the attacker 

The panic button in this safe and sound personal alarm flashes the light of high intensity which frightens the attacker or force him to run for his security.

Attracts Attention in Emergency

If you happened to fall on the ground or you experiencing a medical condition such as heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc., your safe sound personal alarm will attract the curiosity of the public and persons will come to assist you immediately.

Audible at Large Distances

Besides its easy use, this personal alarm safety has another prominent feature that it is loud audible. This is important as it functions to keep the attacker away in addition to attract attention. Resound is 130db, when old models only have 120db to 125 db.

This safe alarm personal does all these functions in the premier most efficient way possible.

Long batteries life

The batteries of a safe alarm personal is long-lasting it’s really important. Due to its long battery life, it remains active or operational all the time.

Can be attached to multiple objects

You can attach your safe sound personal alarm to multiple objects such as the keys, handbags, backpacks or belts, and so on. It can also be carried anywhere you want. Can utilize it in no time.

safe personal alarm reviews

Military Grade

Must be resistant to crushing or footprints, see the video of my wife together with me test resistant.

What is the leading Soundsafe personal alarm?

There are many models or brands for sale, so it is important to know the differences between them to purchase the one that greatest suits as well as protects us.

Everyone is looking the most amazing defensive device for their protection in this violent world, as the criminals are looking for their easy targets which are no doubt women, children, or the old persons.

When we talk about self-defense keychain some individuals think it’s just women’s self-defense keychain but it’s not really only women that use those personal safety devices.  Those devices are useful for the protection of children, senior citizens, men, women who are travelers, runners, persons who do mountaineering, camping, as well as many more.

It’s important that you know that persons call keychain alarms for safety in many ways: sound safe alarm personal,  defense safety alarm, personal alarm safesound, alarm safesound personal, self defense alarm, safety alarm personal, defense safety alarm, Soundsafe personal alarm, personal safety alarms, self-defense keychain, self-security siren, sd siren, keychain alarm, personal safety alarm keychain with led, safe sound alarm, as well as many others way.

All are the same personal safety alarms devices. The different its the method to call attention to persons, as we mentioned before.

The best safesound personal alarm has the name Hootie SafeSound Safety Alarm, 5 stars helpful happy customer device, a keychain with led, continue reading and you will understand why we say it is the top. You can purchase one unit or by pack.

Hootie safe personal alarm is available in 5 Colors: Black, White, Red, Lavander & Navy

You can read from people who have try safe personal alarm feedbacks. Hitting this link. Read our article about personal alarms for women.

Does the personal alarm keychain with led really work?

I can say with total security that if they work, logically if we select the correct model or brand.

There are millions of particular testimonials of these devices, in SafePersonalAlarmNet we publish some feedbacks of people that use the same brand and model that my family and I use.

We want to ask you a favor, if you decide to buy SafeSound and someday you have an individual testimony, please send it to us that we will publish it on this website.

It is important that persons know about it and buy this device to be more secure.

It is important that you watch this video to understand the importance of these devices.

SafeSound is the leading brand of safe sound personal alarms worldwide. It had more than 1,100,000 sales worldwide in 2020

The company aims to provide security and peace of mind to individuals and enable them to live independently within their homes and outside. The company of those personal alarm keychains means that at the touch of a button you will be able to get assistance 24/7.

Without a doubt, the device is suitable for nearly every situation such as robbery, medical or health issues, accidents, etc. The company is proud to say that SafeSound is the best safety personal alarm for children, senior citizens, ladies, and travelers and is easily available in the market.

According to reports, the company has many people who buy from them, they do it before a trip abroad because this alarm personal keychain helps them feel more secure. It is recommended to people who have or who like to travel abroad.

It’s compact size, quality design, and functionality are the key features that make it unique and exceptional. The self-defense keychain, panic button, and alarm individual apparatus make this device more suitable for you to be sure and secure.

soundsafe personal alarm
The company designed each alarm for your comfort and convenience. This safety alarm keychain with led is easy to carry and use. Have a free carabinet click included for the same cost.

Besides making this product affordable, the company is doing its greatest to ensure its availability at your doorstep and making the process of purchasing easier and quicker.

So, don’t wait! Just go and grab the SafeSound for you and your loved ones and provide them proper protection which is needed in today’s violent society.

An added bonus is that the company is offering a permanent deal, granting a 50% discount and free shipping to all its readers through a special link.

Hurry up and decide before it’s too late!


Get 50% off Discounted in Cost Plus Free Shipping

How loud is the safety sound personal alarm?

It varies from one brand to another. The old models range from 120db to 125 db. SafeSound reaches 130db, listening at 10 meters distance, is more loud than Ambulance alarm bell.

Cons of Soundsafe personal alarm

Although this safe sound personal alarm is quite useful, there are some demerits of the SafeSound alarm personal that need to be addressed.

What is downside of safe sound personal alarm

It is a passive device that does not produce any of the electrical signals. SafeSound safe and sound personal alarm with led light does not disable the assailant. Moreover, the attacker can easily take control of the device and disable it. So, the victim will become vulnerable.

But it is important to note that during the time that the assailant tries to do it, the alarm already catches the attention of people.

soundsafe personal alarm

Battery expires

The person should have an extra battery all the time. If, at the time of an emergency, the battery expires the person will become helpless.

Warnings for the use of SafeSound Safe Sound Personal Alarm

Here are some warnings or instructions that must be kept in mind.

  • Do not use the security alarm keychain for sake of fun
  • Keep it out of reach of children of below 6 years
  • Please keep the personal alarm away from ears as it has very loud ring
  • Educate the proper use of a security alarm keychain to the children
  • Be careful when testing the LED light of the security alarm keychain because sudden light may damage your eyes.
  • If you pull the pin by mistake then plug it back immediately
  • The alarm is not waterproof, so please keep it away from water.

How Does Safe Sound Personal Alarm Work

In the case of SafeSound, it is of 130db with led; others simpler ones are 120db. You just pull the pin and the self-defense keychain gonna be activate. And a quite loud safesound is going to come out which will force the attacker to run for their security.

When finished, just put the pin back in and it’s going to be inactive again.

How do I turn off the safe sound on my personal device alarm?

Simply insert the pin back into the body of the Soundsafe personal alarm, it will immediately deactivate and turn off.

Who can carry SafeSound with them?

Is useful for people of all ages as mentioned below.

  • Perfect for children or ladies
  • Ideal for college students
  • Joggers in addition to cyclists can go jogging or cycling anytime even at night.
  • Great for night shift workers
  • Completely suitable for disabled or special people
  • Great for Senior citizens. They can immediately ask for help when they fall over, or any medical emergency occurs.
  • People with delicate diseases can use as a panic button.

Need help with your SafeSound personal alarm?

If you have any questions related to our device. Feel free to contact the company and solve your queries. The company shall be really happy to assist you and solve your queries.

In short, here in this article, the company has provided you the top voted No.1, effective and detailed information about defense safety alarm devices.

The company has support 24/7 online.

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Safe Sound Personal Alarm Where To Buy?

 This product, unlike others, is available all over the world can also get it by ordering online. The company offers free shipping all over the world, to our readers, providing you even more peace of mind furthermore relaxation too the cost is cheap, compared to other products of the same quality.

This Hootie Soundsafe personal alarm is inexpensive especially when you buy it in bulk.

This brand is the top personal security alarms is a MUST-HAVE device. Everyone should have it, as it caters to all concerns of being secure. This device is great for people of all age groups.

Get 50% off Discounted In Cost Plus Free Shipping

Feedback safesound personal alarm siren song with light for women

The Led Self Defense Security keychain with led is a new invention in the security industry. It has a bright light and sound that can deter attackers.

Safety alarm for self defense security have light emergency safety is perfect for anyone who wants to have peace of mind when they travel, are camping, or just want an extra layer of protection when they’re out in public.

Emergency safety alarm keychain for women kids and elders with led lights for emergency is a very useful product equipped with a bright LED flashlight to stun attackers. It has the ability to attach to anything including your handbag or keychain, making it easily accessible when needed.

Personal alarms keychain for self-defense safety allow you to discreetly alert for help in a dangerous situation. These portable alarms are small, lightweight and easy to carry. They can be worn as a keychain or clipped onto your clothes and come with a flashlight which provides light in dark surroundings.

Self defense security for women keychain with lights emergency safety is a trending topic in 2022, because they help to keep you safe, are effective devices. keychain alarm with emergency led flashlight is an emergency flashlight and alarm all in one. This device’s LED light is designed to help deter any attackers who may have targeted you for robbery.

Defense security alarm with led light emergency are superior to the previous models that only emitted sound, as the addition of a new flame element makes it more difficult to ignore by people who are nearby.

Defense keychain alarm with led light for security most are 5 star rating and has a lot featured recommendations worldwide. After viewing product I could see how simple it is to use, but also how useful it can be. Viewing product detail allows to see its usefulness in a simple way.

Defense keychain for safety with led lights emergency offers a greater field of protection and will make you feel more at peace of mind. If you’re interested in your safety and security.

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