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Smart Siren Is The Best Safe Personal Alarm Device for Safety and Security 

Everyone is looking for the best defensive device for their protection in this violent world, as the criminals are looking for their easy targets which are no doubt women, children, and the old people.

When we talk about self-defense keychain some people think it’s just women’s self-defense keychain but it’s not really only women that use those personal safety devices.  Those devices are useful for the protection of children, senior citizens, men, women who are travelers, runners, people who do mountaineering, camping, and many more.

It’s important that you know that people call safe personal alarm in many ways: safe sound personal alarm, self-defense keychain, self-defense siren, sd siren, keychain alarm, safe personal alarm keychain, safe sound alarm, and many others way. All are the same personal safety devices.

Difference Between Old and New Models of Safe Personal Alarm

Old Model Safe Personal Alarms

old model safe personal alarm

Old models safe personal alarm

  • Sounds range from 120db to 125 db only.
  • Doesn’t have high-intensity LED lights; just sound
  • No Military-Grade Durability
  • No Water-Resistance
  • Push a button to activate.
  • 180-day battery life

New Model Safe Personal Alarm

New models safe personal alarm

New models safe personal alarm

  • New model’s sound is 130db.
  • Extremely Loud (Reach Up To 1000ft Away)
  • Equipped with high-intensity LED lights
  • Military-Grade Durability
  • Weatherproof, Water-Resistant
  • 365-days Battery Life
  • Pull the pin to activate

What is a Safe Sound Personal Alarm?

Safe sound personal alarms are the devices that you can carry with you while walking, running and jogging, etc. The main purpose behind personal alarm is to provide safety to individuals by its super loud sound which attracts the attention of others. Moreover, the ear-piercing sound of the alarm often frustrates the attackers and provides the victim an opportunity to flee.

Everyone has the right to provide safety to themselves and their loved ones. Personal protection depends upon your convenience and comfort. No doubt, safe personal alarms are the best options in this regard.

Not only this, in an accident at the roadside, but your safety alarm can also alert others without you becoming a potential victim.

Why Choose Smart Siren as your Safe Sound Personal Alarm?

Smart Siren

Smart Siren

It’s the Smart Siren safe personal alarm that I and my family use; it has proved useful in different scenarios.

This is the testimony of Sharon Carter, my wife:

I was going alone from the supermarket. I went to my car in the parking place. When I was putting the keys to open the door, a young man caught me from behind and said ‘don’t fight’, give me your bag! He was pulling to take my bag. And at this moment, I remembered that I had my personal smart siren in my car keys, I quickly reached the safe sound personal alarm and pulled out the pin. And the loud sound impacts young people who start running like hell.


I have to travel to many countries because of my job. I never go outside in any country without my Smart Siren, especially when they are countries with a high crime rate, but I always use it no matter which country it is; Canada, Chile, Australia, United Kingdom, Haiti, Africa, etc. It is my companion in my travels both for work or for pleasure.


my personal safe sound alarm

My Smart Siren, safe personal alarm review

Smart siren is the leading brand of safe sound personal alarms worldwide. It had more than 1,100,000 sales worldwide in 2019.

The company aims to provide safety and peace of mind to individuals and enable them to live independently within their homes and outside. The company of those safe sound personal alarm means that at the touch of a button you will be able to get assistance0 24/7.

Without a doubt, the device is suitable for nearly every situation such as robbery, medical or health issues, accidents, etc. The company is proud to say that smart siren is the best safety personal alarm for children, senior citizens, ladies, and travelers and is easily available in the market.

According to reports, the company has many people who buy from them, they do it before a trip abroad because this safe personal alarm helps them feel more secure. It is recommended to people who have or who like to travel abroad.

It’s compact size, quality design, and functionality are the key features that make it unique and exceptional. The self-defense keychain, panic button, and personal alarm system make this device more suitable for your safety and security.

self defense keychain smart siren

Smart Siren, Self defense keychain

The company designed each alarm for your comfort and convenience. This safe personal alarm is easy to carry and use.

Besides making this product affordable, the company is doing its best to ensure its availability at your doorstep and making the process of purchasing easier and quicker.

So, don’t wait! Just go and grab the smart siren for you and your loved ones and provide them proper protection which is needed in today’s violent society.

See Smart Siren Video

An added bonus is that the company is offering a permanent deal, granting a 50% discount and free shipping to all its readers through a special link.

Hurry up and decide before it’s too late!

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Advantages of Smart Siren Safe Personal Alarm

The personal safety alarm has both advantages as well as disadvantages. Here we noted down its pros and cons as a safe personal alarm review.

Simple to use

The smart Siren safe personal alarm is simple to use. In order to operate the safety alarm all you need to do is to pull the device. In this way, the pin will detach and the sound of 130db triggers which will continue sounding until you put the pin back

Frightens the attacker 

The panic button in this safe personal alarm flashes the light of high intensity which frightens the attacker and force him to run for his safety.

Attracts Attention in Emergency

If you happened to fall on the ground or you are experiencing a medical condition such as heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc., your safe sound personal alarm will attract the attention of the public and they will come to assist you immediately.

Audible at Large Distances

Besides its easy use, this safe personal alarm has another prominent feature that it is loud and audible. This is important as it functions to keep the attacker away and to attract attention. Sound is 130db, when old models only have 125db.

This safe personal alarm does all these functions in the best and most efficient way possible.

Long battery life

The battery of a safe personal alarm is long-lasting and it’s really important. Due to its long battery life, it remains active and operational all the time.

Can be attached to multiple objects

You can attach your safe sound personal alarm to multiple objects such as the keys, handbags, backpacks or belts, and so on. It can also be carried anywhere you want. And can use it in no time.

personal safety alarm device

Personal safety devices

Availability of Smart Siren

Many people ask us: where to buy the safe sound personal alarm? This product, Smart Siren, is not only available to the people of the USA and Canada, but people from all over the world can also get it by ordering online. The company offers free shipping all over the world, to our readers, providing you even more peace of mind and relaxation.

Smart Siren safe personal alarm is cheap

This safe sound personal alarm is inexpensive especially when you buy it in bulk.

Smart Siren is one of the best safe personal alarms and is a MUST-HAVE device. Everyone should have it, as it caters to all concerns of safety and self-defense. This device is best for people of all age groups.

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Cons of Safe Sound Personal Alarm

Although this safe personal alarm is quite useful, there are some demerits of the smart siren personal alarms that need to be addressed.

A passive device that does not disable the Assailant

It is a passive device that does not produce any of the electrical signals. Smart Siren safe personal alarm does not disable the assailant. Moreover, the attacker can easily take control of the device and disable it. So, the victim will become defenseless.

But it is important to note that during the time that the assailant tries to do it, the alarm already catches the attention of people.

Safe sound personal alarm for safety

Safe sound personal alarm

Battery expires

The person should have an extra battery all the time. If, at the time of an emergency, the battery expires the person will become helpless.

Warnings for the use of  Smart Siren Safe Sound Personal Alarm

Here are some warnings or instructions that must be kept in mind while using the Smart Siren.

  • Do not use the personal alarm for the sake of fun
  • Keep it out of reach of children of below 6 years
  • Please keep the personal alarm away from ears as it has very loud sound
  • Educate the proper use of a personal alarm to the children
  • Be careful when testing the LED light of personal alarm because sudden light may damage your eyes.
  • If you pull the pin by mistake then plug it back immediately
  • The alarm is not waterproof, so please keep it away from water.

Why is Smart Siren Needed?

Are you are in a situation where a good option is that people should notice you and come to help out? Or you do not have any strength to keep the person away from you?

Don’t worry! Here is an item that is accessible and easy to carry. A cool little item that is not going to cost you a ton of money.

So immediately grab a bunch of items. Not only for personal safety but also self- defense.

Safe Personal Alarm for Self Defense

Try the safe personal alarm

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How does the Smart Siren Safe Personal Alarm Work?  

In the case of Smart Siren, it is of 130db; others simpler ones are 125db. You just pull the pin and the self defense keychain gonna be activate. And a quite loud sound is going to come out which will force the attacker to run for their safety.

When finished, just put the pin back in and it’s going to be inactive again.

Who can carry Smart Siren, safe personal alarm with them?

Smart Siren is useful for people of all ages as mentioned below.

  • Perfect for the children and ladies
  • Ideal for college students
  • Jogger and cyclists can go for jogging and cycling anytime even at night.
  • Great for the night shift workers
  • Completely suitable for the disabled or special people
  • Best for the Senior citizens. They can immediately ask for help when they fall over, or any medical emergency occurs.
  • People with delicate diseases can use as a panic button.

Need help with your Smart Siren, safe personal alarm?

If you have any questions related to our device. Feel free to contact the company and solve your queries. The company shall be really happy to assist you and solve your queries.

In short, here in this article, the company has provided you the best, effective and detailed information about the personal safety alarm devices.

The company has support 24/7 online.

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Smart Siren Reviews

Smart Siren is being used by hundreds of our customers and they are all very happy with the results. Here are a few testimonies to show what a great device it is.

Caroline Howard
Brooklyn, New York, United States

I bought Smart Siren worried about Halloween because my children go out to visit houses and in 2018 a girl disappeared, causing me great stress but I did not want to take away the illusion from my child, so I decided to buy.

I taught my child how to use it and brought me the best surprise of my life. In Halloween 2019, a man tried to grab him and he activated the alarm. The neighbors came and grabbed him before the scandal that could’ve been made. It turned out that he was a companion of work in disguise. I tried to scare him, but he may have been a child molester.

From that moment on, all my female neighbors have bought it for both themselves and their children. It’s really the best safe personal alarm.

Penelope Dunn
Ontario, Toronto, Canada

I was robbed and thank God only my wallet was taken from me and that caused me strong post-traumatic stress. I was almost paranoid; I hardly left my house thinking that I could have been raped. I even thought of moving to another city.

 A coworker told me that she had bought a device called Smart Siren and that when she was leaving a bar, when she was going to get into the vehicle, a man tried to grab her and she activated the device, gathering many people and the criminal started to flee.

After this, I did not hesitate and bought it. Even though nothing has happened to me but I am making my life normal. It has given me back the security I needed, the post-traumatic stress is gone and I can go out normally without having to worry. It is always hanging on the outside of my wallet, is also very easy to use.

Hannah Taylor
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

In the city where I live, we have a lot of crimes and a friend of mine who is a police officer recommended that I buy the self-defense siren smart siren, so I did not hesitate and really after buying I have peace of mind and not only that, I avoid being robbed or raped.

Months ago I was leaving work late with a colleague, we went to my car that was parked at 4 corners and 3 young men tried to attack us to take us to an alley, according to one of them, he said aloud, to the alley indicating to the others where to take us, thank God I had mental clarity and activated the device, they automatically got scared, releasing us, taking advantage of that moment we ran desperately, raising a lot of scandals, leaving security of some stores that were close.

After that experience, I bought another one for my 21-year-old sister so that when she leaves, I and my parents will have peace of mind.

Tanya Smith
Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Good idea for safety for anyone you may think should have one

I bought these for my daughter, mom, and mother-in-law and was quite pleased with them. Used them as stocking stuffers!

Tested them all and all worked and are extremely loud. Good attention getter if you ever felt endangered. Some have also said they didn’t get the glass breaker tool with them, I did.

Karen Schneider
Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Great product for safety in urban and rural areas!

While I don’t live in a high crime urban area, I think your product is a great idea for women, like me, in rural areas.

I live in the forest, and we have had a bear sighting this summer so, I bought the bear spray but realized that the container was large and awkward to carry while hiking. Then I did research and realized that bears will run when they encounter loud noises, so this alarm is compact and much easier to carry while out and about.

It gives me, and my fellow hikers a sense of security wherever we go. BRAVO on this product!

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