Best Personal Alarms for Women to Carry in the Pocket In 2024

personal alarm for women

 Are you looking the best personal alarms for women? 

Every woman should be aware of the answer to this terrible query.  What should you do if a stranger begins to follow you? 

Despite our desire to believe we are defending oneself,  many women freeze in such situations. 

Some women have trouble finding one they like. Many personal alarms are available, so it’s easy to see why. Without resources or background knowledge, it’s difficult to select the finest personal alarm for women.

 Did you know that 74% of attackers will immediately flee the scene when an alarm sounds?

Thieves and criminals don’t like to be discovered! 

 If those women who left the house but did not return because they were victims of violence had carried personal alarms, they may have been able to return home. The same thing occurred when children went to school or shared with others outside the family. This demonstrates that women and children require something effective, safe, and dependable in the event of a catastrophe. 

My husband is a personal safety consultant, but I have been using them for years and I am qualified to help you. I will provide you with a full buyer guide so that you may select the device that best meets your needs while also being the safest and most comfortable.

See and read our Full Buyers Guide.

I’ll also examine 5 best high-quality personal alarms. These materials should simplify the procedure. That’s why today I present top 5 personal safety alarms for women.

Top 5 Personal Alarms For Women

best personal safety alarm for women



personal alarm device for women









women's personal alarm


Military Grade Crush or Fall Resistant

Power Source 

Battery Reminder

best safety alarm for women

Activation Method

Pull the pin

Pull the pin

Pull the side bolt

Pull the keychain

Pull metal chain


Free Shipping


Up to 73%







Because I frequently left work late at night and the nearest park was two blocks away from my place of employment, I empathize with you and understand how important it is to feel secure when walking on the street.

 68.5% of kidnappers, thieves, and abusers strike at night. When alone or separated. To frighten off your assailant and deter him from continuing, consider a safe personal alarm for women with SOS led light. 

I never have peace of mind whether my children are in the park, neighborhood, or college (kid abductions, and rapes on college campuses are on the rise year after year these days, are every parent’s biggest fear).

I need to help you to get the best personal alarm. Moreover, if one considers the facts and statistics:

– 35% of women globally have suffered partner or non-partner violence. Reference

– Most human trafficking victims are adult women. Reference

– 1 in 7 women have been stalked. Reference

– One in three women will experience violence in her lifetime. Reference

But First, What Are Safety Alarms For Women? 

women safety device

Women’s personal alarms are portable devices that notify others to our danger. Are designed to alert others around our situation. Many advantages over the panic button.

When activated, it will produce a sound louder than any screaming. Some of them will even activate a led light, making it easier for others to locate where the sound emanate. 

It works different to any other self defense device. With other tools, the mechanism of defense is to attack the aggressor.  With a personal alarm with light for women, the goal is to attract attention.  The loud sound is a sign of something bad is going on.

  Most thieves and attackers are cowards who avoid risk whenever possible. 

 Women may prevent rapes, kidnappings and abductions by using a personal alarm for women. 74% of intruders escape when an alarm sounds. 

women's safety alarm

Personal alarms for women are a trending topic nowadays. There are several reasons why, and none of them are new to us.

 The United States (USA), Canada (CA), United Kingdom (UK), Ireland (IE), Australia (AU), or also Europe are just some of the places where is becoming a trending topic. 

If you what to know what to consider when picking great personal alarm defense for women, take a look at our Buyers Guide

Potential Users Of These Women’s Personal Safety Devices

Women who go out at night for night runners, joggers, or walk your dog.

Women who work until night and normally walk through a parking lot alone. 

Women who walking alone at night in every circumstances.

Women who working in hospitals, social workers, etc.

Women who go after work to supermarkets and shopping malls with unsecured parking lots.

Ideal option for modern women who love elegant fashion with style and glamour, but at the same time achieving the greatest possible personal safety.

Women do the laundry early in the morning.

Highly recommended for women living outside the city or very lonely rural areas.

What Is The Best Safe Personal Alarms For Women?

Now I bring you a list of 5 Personal Alarm Top Rated for women on the market. 

No. 1 Leading Seller

Safe Sound Pro The Best Personal Safety Alarm For Women

women's personal safety devices

 Most aggressors are cowards. They prefer the night to commit aggressions, if they can’t be seen they can surprise you while not getting caught.  That’s why this is the most useful personal alarm device for women who sometimes walk alone at night.

Safe Sound Pro is an advanced personal alarm  with unique smart features . This personal safety alarm for women is specially designed for women to help them in the worst situation.


Is considered the best personal safety alarm for women by all security experts.

Safe Sound Pro is a revolutionary new tool that gives women courageous independence in unsupervised circumstances such as running, trekking, or walking to their cars.

Safe Sound Pro Personal Safety Alarm is a compact hand-held electronic device with the capability to create a loud siren-like alerting sound, will make a highly loud sound that is difficult to ignore (130db), but also have a strong flashing light (led sos light).

This is an easy-to-use product, and  you just need to pull the pin to produce a loud sound of 130dB in any emergency, to immediately distract and repel an assailant .

The Super loud sound combined with the bright light will make it  impossible for anybody in the area to ignore.   Smart SOS light LED  technology  which is also a plus point because the light of high intensity  frightens the attacker and forces him to run for his safety .

 When feeling attacked or in a vulnerable position , the user may quickly activate the item by pulling a pin.

That will get people to help you, but it will also scare your attacker to death.

The sound is loud enough to briefly disorient an attacker, giving the victim time to escape. It may be heard up to 1,000 feet away, allowing you to swiftly and conveniently summon assistance.

safety devices for women

 If you happen to suffer aggression at night , the SOS flashing light feature might be key for others to be able to locate you.

People will detect something is wrong and help. This improved people’s safety.

Why Safe Sound Pro Is Superior To All Women Personal Alarm

Criminals hate lights emergency because they may be discovered. Safe Sound Pro is always your No.1 protection alternative. Safe Sound Pro is your emergency self defense keychain.

 Safe Sound Pro is rated the best of all best personal alarms for women.   I personally consider this one overall as leading and the best personal alarm defense for women available on market. 

Besides, this is the best product because is  usb rechargeable .  This fully new USB-rechargeable  personal alarm defense for women  was an essential upgrading . No more batteries to buy.  Free USB-C included .

This charging mechanism ensures that all ladies and users may charge it daily without trouble and that it will always be charged when needed.

 Personally I ordered it to try it, and it exceeded my expectations.    This method is unique, effective, and most importantly,  it overcomes the weaknesses of previous models.  

In fact, Safe Sound Pro personal alarm device for women contains all of the suggested advanced functions.

It has an innovative function that has never been seen before in other safety alarms for women.

 Low Battery Reminder function , when it registers a low load, it makes  Three blinks and beeps let you know that it’s time to charge.

 Two products for the price of one!  USB personal alarm for women & Flashlight!

There are two ways to use a flashlight (Flashlight and flashing light).

 It has become my inseparable flashlight, it’s never out of arm’s reach for me.   When I’m going to meet someone in a crowdy area, I utilize the flashing mode as a signaling device so that the individual sees me instantly. 

personal alarms for women

 More than 1,800,000 sales worldwide in 2022 prove that it is the best of all personal alarms for women available today.  

Currently, the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and European nations have the biggest demand.

That’s why according to experts, this is an amazing women’s personal alarm, children, or anyone else because it is easy to carry due to includes a  free carabiner .

You can hang this with the keys of your home or car, handbags,bags, pockets, wallets, backpacks, trouser waistbands, or more places.

 It is made of abs plastic.  That’s why its outer covering is solid and unbreakable. In addition, Safe Sound Pro women’s personal safety devices is  made up of nanotechnology  that makes it resistant to falls, steps, or shock-resistant.

 It’s military-grade , so an attacker can’t break or violently disable it. Safe Sound Pro is the ideal device for ladies who work night shifts and those who live alone.

If the aggressor tries to break your alarm, they won’t have any luck.  It is made out of a material called non-breakable plastic. You will be able to step on the alarm, kick it or throw it and it won’t stop working.

As a security device, is made so you can rely on it.  This feature can be the difference between a tragic story and a failed aggression attempt story .

This option’s characteristics and benefits make it unbeatable.

Good alarm quality and resistance ensure you’re not unprotected.

Women do indeed need to learn to allow themselves to take care of themselves. Women will find Safe Sound Pro, the more practical personal alarm for women.

If you know how to charge a mobile device, you will be able to charge it.

best +personal +alarm for women


Safe Sound Pro Pros Against Cons

  •  2-FOR-1 DEALS! USB Safety Alarm & Flash Light! 
  •  Easy to activate just remove (pull)  the pin 
  •  High intensity sound siren:  130db covers good 1000 Feet distance
  •  Flashing SOS light led.  It is visible day and night.
  •  Military Grade Resistant:  Non-breakable plastic makes it. Abuse resistant.
  •  Rechargeable USB: Built-in rechargeable battery and included USB-C cord.  No batteries needed.
  •  Flashlight Function:  2 modes ( Flashlight and flashing light ).
  •  Low Battery Reminder Function:  When you need power the greatest, you will never be without it.
  •  Portable: Includes FREE Carabiner  for easy travel in backpacks, bags, keychains, or pockets.
  •  FREE USB-C 
  •  Affordable Price:  limited time promotion, the company is offering discounts of up to 73% on exclusive packages plus to free shipping.
  • Safe Sound Pro isn’t sold in stores or online (ebay, Amazon, Etsy). Official site only.
  • Is available in only 2 Colors: Black & White. But it will never be out of power, if you know how to charge a cell phone you will know how to charge it.

Where to Buy Safe Sound Pro

Only on the official website.



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No. 2 Option

Hootie Alarm Review 

hootie personal alarm


Our number 2 option is Hootie personal alarm

Hootie is the previous model to Safe Sound Pro. Hootie, Birdie and Original defense were the pioneers in combining a 130 decibel alarm with flashing SOS light and abs plastic (military grade).

These companies ignored consumer complaints regarding replacing batteries, which cost them a substantial market share.

It actually has the same 130db siren sound as Safe Sound Pro, the same led light, but uses batteries and has no additional functions as Safe Sound Pro, it was the best of the old models, but has been greatly


The design is similar to Safe Sound Pro, but the size is exactly the same.

 Hootie’s battery lasts a year and is built of impact-resistant ABS plastic. 

Hootie personal alarm Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Long-life Battery (It new nickel-cadmium battery warranties a 365-days life)
  • Noticeably light and portable
  • Long-lasting
  • Available in 5 colors: Black, White, Navy, Lavander & Red.
  • Military Grade (Non-breakable Plastic Crush and Fall Resistant)
  • SOS ledlight (Essential to bringing more attention at night)
  • 130db (Audible at long distance)
  • Cool Design
  • Highly camouflaged (It has the appearance of a spotlight)
  • Water Resistant (If were walking, running, jogging in the rain it would not be damaged)
  • Free Carabiner Clip (Attaches to multiple objects. Able to attach it to handbags, backpacks, belts, keys, or carry anyway)
  • Affordable and reliable (It is the cheapest price option)
  • Slightly larger than other options
  • Not USB rechargeable. Need Batteries CR-2032.
  • Need a screwdriver to change batteries.
  • No extra flashlight and flashing function.
  • No low battery reminder
  • It is the most expensive on the market
  • No free shipping.

Where to Buy Hootie Personal Safety Alarm

If interested, I got a special price for my readers on the official website.


No. 3 Option

Siren Guard Personal Alarm

personal alarm defense for women

Siren Guard Personal Alarm is our number 3 option.

This model was released to compete with original defense, hootie, and birdie, but the activation method, side bolt, was poorly welcomed on the market since it is simple to accidentally trigger.
This indicated that, although the product sold, it did not sell as well as anticipated.

They were the pioneer of extended use as a flashlight. The complaints about the loss of the side bolts were too many. 

While being one greatest women’s emergency safety alarm option, it works as a flashlight and keychain by itself. This means that it will be on your purse, taking the place of your current keychain. When need to look for something in the dark, allows turn on your flashlight.  

If someday you are in danger, it will also be able to assistance you. By pooling the side pin, will activate a loud alarm capable of drawing the attention of people that can give a helping hand. Its loudness is registered at 130 dbThis means  a well known your emergency won’t go unnoticed if activate this alarm.

The side bolt can easily come out and trigger the alarm and in an emergency it can fall out and get lost. Since it is outside the keychain area.

Siren Guard Personal Alarm was not our first or second recommendation because of 2 main reasons. First, this flashlight won’t activate as part of the alarm system and is not as bright as the one of Safe Sound Pro. If your emergency happens at night, you will not be as easy to locate.

The second is the activation mechanism.  This side bolt is very easy to lose in the event of an emergency.  Meaning that you won’t be able to deactivate and reuse the device given that come to need the alarm. 

There is a product remarkably similar to this one on this market, this Safe Sound ProThey however have big differences. It was not included in this list because is not resistant enough to withstand constant abuse from the aggressor and is not portable enough to be seamless to carry around.  

Siren Guard Personal Alarm  Pros Against Cons

  • Easy activation method
  • Long battery life 
  • Light and portable 
  • Very noisy can hear on long distance
  • Works as a key chain
  • Works as a flashlight
  • Without SOS light
  • Easy to loose activation/deactivation system
  • Black is the only color option 
  • No resistant to water
  • Non-rechargeable USB. CR-2032 needed
  • Need a screwdriver to replace batteries
  • No extra flashlight and flashing function
  • No low battery reminder
  • No flashing or flashlight
  • Not the cheapest option 
  • Out of market

Where to Buy Siren Guard Personal Alarm

Is possible on the official website, clicking on the button below.


No. 4 Option

Safety Siren

security device for women

While being this 4th on the list, Safe Sound Personal Alarm.

Birdie, Hootie, and the Original Defense all followed this prototype. For a long time, it dominated the market.

It is still sold because of the attractiveness of the 4 color variety.

I personally used it, but unfortunately to change the batteries it had to be disassembled and taped.

So when the next models came out I ended up abandoning it and never recommended it again.

It’s smaller than the average keychain. More portable than the one you got right now in your purse.

Being so small does not compromise this functionality. If you come to need it, when activated it will produce an alarm sound as loud as this one described in the Safe Sound Personal Alarm (125db).  

Like Safe Sound Personal Alarm, is activated by pooling it from the pin. It can be deactivated by returning this pin to its place. It can support substantial abuse from the aggressor before stopping the sound.

On the internet there are thousands of places offering this same model of personal alarm for women but of very poor quality compared to this one.

Although it will never be as our main recommendation but it is good that you know it exists.

Safe Sound Personal Alarm Pros Against Cons

  • Easy for anyone to use
  • Long battery life 
  • Most light and portable alternative
  • Emits 125db sound
  • Available in 4 colors, combinable with accessories and clothing 
  • Is a key chain 
  • Costly option
  • Not military grade
  • Require SOS led-light
  • Is damaged by water
  • Siren not the noisy ones
  • Use batteries
  • No USB rechargeable
  • No flashlight and flashing
  • No battery warning

Where to Buy Safety Siren

If are interested, can purchase it at official website, click button below.


No. 5 Option

The Safe Alarm Reviews

safe alarm price

While being this 5th on the list, TheSafeAlarm.

This model was one of the first self-defense alarms to hit the market. It only reaches 120db and does not have much appeal. It is only sold in white.
They were the pioneers of using a keychain with pin, to make it easy to use.

It was excellent when nothing comparable existed, but it is now incredibly obsolete and lacks any features to merit a high ranking.

Unbelievably, it still sells, but mostly to those who are unfamiliar with this industry, such as my sister-in-law, who finds 130dB quite irritating.
Most people, like my sister-in-law, purchase more modern ones when they realize how vital their safety is.

Like the others is activated by pooling it from the pin/keychain side. It can be deactivated by returning this pin to its place. It can support substantial abuse from the aggressor before stopping the sound. 

TheSafeAlarm Pros Against Cons

  • Easy for anyone to use
  • Long battery life 
  • Most light and portable alternative
  • Emits 120db sound
  • Available in 1 colors white
  • Is a key chain 
  • Just one color, white
  • Low cost benefit
  • Poor quality material
  • Just sound and no more
  • It misses the majority of the advanced practical features of the models we’ve described.

Where to Buy Safety Siren

If are interested, can purchase it at official website, click button below.


Women’s Personal Alarm: Conclusion and final recommendation

Get any personal alarm. No matter which one you get, will be better protected that with no alarm at all. I bring top 5 so can pick this option most convenient for your use. 

My wife asked me to give this final recommendation, I am a professional in corporate personal security.

The one I gave to my family and wife was option number 1, brand Safe Sound Pro is the best personal alarm for women. I know for a fact that in some moments they need to walk alone at night. This one that will most likely get them help is the one that combines audible and visual alert. I gave them one that in my opinion gives them greatest protection. 

The fact that it is a personal safety alarm for women that charges through USB made the selection simple. To ensure that it is constantly charged is to ensure that it will function when needed.

Besides to satisfying all of the requirements listed in our buyers guide, it also has a low-battery alert, which is unusual for devices of this kind.

The added lighting feature will be useful in everyday life, but the flashlight’s signal function is really revolutionary.

The price is not a justification, since it costs the same as the others and is quite affordable.

If you are worried about your safety, you will likely agree with me that this is your best choice.


I am collecting feedback from people who have bought it, my readers can check them in my post.

Personal Alarms For Women – Buyers Guide

The above list of greatest safe alarms for women to pick from has each and every you need. However, it’s also important to note the vital features to consider when choosing your favorite. That said, the following are critical features for an effective personal alarm: 

  • Alarm Decibel Level:

Personal alarms must be loud enough to deter invaders. Any selection between 125dB and 140dB should be effective.

  • Power Source:

The convenience of attaching a USB over changing batteries is invaluable.
You ensure that it will always be ready to help you.

  • Carrying Procedure:

Personal alarms for women are carried differently. Each consumer chooses their preferred carrying technique. Don’t purchase a little one. In an emergency, women don’t want to search their purses.

Bring a carabiner or keychain that can be attached to purses, backpacks, cell phone covers, waistbands, etc.

  • Durability 

Look for a durable casing and ensure that the device’s casing is military-grade just to prevent damages. This will keep the aggressor from deactivating the alarm by stepping on it, kicking it or throwing it 

  • SOS light for emergency

Personal alarm with led lights for emergency is vital in dark places especially at night or even in dark parking lots among other places.

The SOS light will notify people nearby identify your location and provide assistance. 

  • Military Grade

Choosing quality over price will usually save you money in the long run. Therefore, choose quality over price.  

 The military-grade options are created with non-breakable plastic, which allows these tools to not deactivate when dropped on the floor and crushed. 

This is a very important variable.

 You don’t want your personal defense alarm to fall to the floor or get crushed by the intruder just to find out it was silenced. 
  • Cheap Price – High Quality

Cheap may save you money, but not in an emergency. Quality overcomes money.

  • Low Battery Reminder

This function is unsurpassed, it was put in place for your safety, so that you can never walk around with it without a charge, it gives peace of mind and peace of mind to users.

  • Additional features

In my opinion, in addition to buying my alarm, if it has a flashlight and signaling function, it is something extra that benefits me.

This additional feature makes the product a better value for money.

Back to the comparative table



Warnings for women’s personal safety devices

Just like any other alarm, should not be manipulated by unqualified persons and avoid miscalling.

  • Do not use the alarm for entertainment purposes
  • Keep out of reach of children below 6 years old, better educate your kids on the right use of this device.
  • Keep the alarm away from your ears: it can cause hearing damage.

  • Be careful when turn on the flashing light, it’s really intense and could hurt your eyes.
  • If you pull the pin by mistake, can plug it back in immediately


Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Alarms For Women

Here are a few questions and answers about the product to learn more about security alarm keychains. By reading these questions, can also choose the best and safety alarm best for you and your loved ones.

Does the safe personal alarm really work?

Safe personal alarms proven to be very helpful, not only for assault cases but also for medical emergencies. They have helped older and less abled people to call for help in case of falling, hurting, or panicking.

Are safety alarms loud enough?  

Yes, these devices are very loud to the point where they could damage your ears in case of prolonged exposure. And that’s why they‘re effective in deterring assailants.  That’s the reason why this is considered an SOS Emergency device.  

Why do you need a safe personal alarm for women?  

Are you still contemplating whether to get a safety personal alarm or not? Well, we can support you with that. This device is particularly important in the following scenarios:  

  • Rural areas: If live in rural areas, there is a chance you may find yourself in paths with scarce people. This situation leaves your person vulnerable to attackers.

    But with personal alarms, can attract attention quickly & easily when are in danger or under attack.

  • Nighttime: Crime rates are higher at night. You can be attacked on your way home, from the store, or anywhere with a corner of darkness.  
  • Parking lot: Parking lots are no longer safe especially those in the dark basement or deserted parking lot. Thus, you may need this device if an aggressor is after you.  
  • Walk in the park: While walking in the park is body and mind relaxing, not everyone is there for the same purpose. It is a place where women are commonly attacked or harassed. In case you are unlucky to be in one of those situations, a personal alarm can come in handy. 
  • Areas with high crimes: There are neighborhoods and streets known for high crime. If you are exposed to this kind of environment, a personal alarm could be the difference between life or death in the event of aggression. 
  • Runners or Joggers: We all know stories of women who have been followed by strange people while simply trying to work out. This tool could allow calling for a helping hand in case you feel in danger while jogging in the streets. 

What is a safe Personal Alarm?

A safe personal alarm is an essential and beneficial device that you can easily carry in your pocket, belt, and you can hang your personal alarm with bags.

This personal alarm emits a very loud sound when you need a helping hand its button, and then it may help you ward off attackers, misbehaving animals, or people. In short, it help you to make Call for a helping hand from the person around you immediately.

We can say that these personal alarms work in Nanoseconds that’s why these are best for people who want to travel safely.the high sound personal alarm is beneficial for you and your loved ones in the vicinity when you go out of the home and city.

There is now a new model that does not need a battery and is USB rechargeable, making life more comfortable for the user.

Why should you use personal safety alarms?

Personal alarms are very beneficial. These personal alarms could be useful in an emergency, which is why they’re so important. You just need to pull the ring, and personal alarm will divert people’s attention toward you and support you to make call for a helping hand from people around you.

In short, this loud sound personal alarm work in a short time, which means you can buy these alarms without hesitation. Moreover, these alarm make you more confident and safe and best product for people who want to live independently with safety alarms.

How does a personal Alarm system work effectively?

These personal alarm system work in few seconds because these are easy to use and personal alarms work efficiently and quickly when you pull out the pin, it takes Nanosecond the personal alarm will make a loud emergency sound which the attract the people toward you, in this way the safe sound personal alarms aid you to get a helping hand from people.

That’s why when you go outside, keep your personal alarm with you; the alarm will protect you when you need. We can say this personal alarm can save your life.

How much does a emergency safety alarm cost?

Their prices may range between 14 to 30 dollars. That means you can get this personal alarm for you and your loved ones at a reasonable price. You can learn more about the prices on their original brand’s websites. This device can help the life of your elders.

Are these personal alarm systems beneficial?

A big yes, there are many benefits of personal alarms because these alarms support you out and about the situation. When you go out of the home and meet an accident or emergency, the alarm will notify the people around by creating a loud sound; you can quickly and easily get a helping hand with this safety alarm.

You will feel out and about in a short time after first aid. Moreover, some personal alarms have the most advanced features; you can live independently with the cooperation of security alarm keychain.

What are the best personal alarm devices?

The finest will be recharged via usb to eliminate hassles with batteries and screwdrivers.

How many shapes of personal alarms are available?

These are small devices which are easy to carry, these are available in different sizes and shape, few are in egg shape, and few are rectangle shape with led light, but both types of safe sound personal are easy to carry. You can choose the best alarm according to your needs.

Are personal alarms best for your elderly or women?

There are many personal alarms are best for women and the elderly because they may experience any kind of situation like robbery, harassment, or medical problem when they go out. With the cooperation of their personal alarm, they can get a helping hand they need from people nearby them with a single press. So the personal alarm with led lights emergency can make their lives easy, so everyone should have their personal alarm for self defense security and especially give elderly people this great alarm. In short, these alarms are best for your elderly.

How much loud should a personal alarm?

A security alarm keychain should be deafening to make the potential attackers run away and call people’s attention in a wide area. The high sound personal alarm for self defense security is recommended to buy for you and your loved ones. The volume and pitch of emergency safety alarms are measured in decibels and are usually between 100 and 150 dB. This personal alarm can make your life easier because a loud sound alarm can quickly and easily get people’s attention.

The safest way to buy a personal safety alarm?

If you want to buy a safety alarm for you or your loved ones, buy it from the official sites of these products. These effective personal alarms are available on trusted selling sites where you can get discounts too if you buy for you and your loved one.

Which brand’s safety alarms are best?

In my opinion and experience of use, the best is Safe Sound Pro, it is usb rechargeable, which is a very big advantage compared to the old models.
It also has additional features such as a low battery reminder and flashlight function.

Should I have to take care of the personal alarm?

No, it does not need to taking care of anywhere because it is made with the best material. That’s why you shouldn’t need it for taking care of anywhere. You can hang these safety alarms with the pent belt with the assistance of a keychain. More you can learn more about safety from the official product website.

How can you keep the personal alarm with you?

These are easy to carry; you can attach these personal alarms with keys, bags, and belts with the assistance of a keychain and clippers. Moreover, you can be worn around the neck with the use of a chain.

Do these personal alarms have SOS-led lights?

Yes, some personal alarms mentioned above have a safety have SOS LED light feature. That’s why the personal alarm siren that has SOS-led light are well recommended by experts.

Are these all safety alarms are available in different colors?

Not all, but the maximum are available in different colors like black, white, and pink. You can buy the same color for you and your loved one and can get a discount on a pair of safety alarms.

Now most of the models come in black and white colors that match any garment.
What is more important your safety or your glamour?.

Can I use the safety alarms as a pendant?

Yes, you can be worn around the neck with the help of a chain if you feel comfortable with this. And you can give elderly people a chain to use safety alarm as pendants because it is hard to carry in hand for them.

Do all personal alarms include free carabineer clip?

Not all personal alarms include free carabineer clip, but some personal alarms mentioned in this blog have a free carabineer clip.

The carabineer feature that allow you to carry a safety alarm comfortably, so you can also attach your safety alarm with bags, a belt, and a hand band. That’s why an alarm with a carabineer is best for you.

Any special care is needed for these safety alarms?

No, these are made up of the best material; a few are water-resistant and weather-resistant, that you don’t need for taking care anywhere.

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