The 5 Best Personal Alarms For Women In 2021
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personal alarm for women
 Are you looking for the best personal alarms for women? 

This article will give you all the information you need to find it. 

If others don’t see, they can’t help. When the time comes that you are in a scenario of imminent threat, coming up with a creative way to ask for help can be really challenging. I wouldn’t want that for you. However, still in 2021, women, kids, or elders are in that kind of situation way more often than men.  

Sometimes being able to catch the attention of surrounding people can be the most effective mechanism of self-defense.

 Personal alarms for women are a trending topic nowadays.  There are several reasons why, and none of them are new to us.

The United States (USA), Canada (CA), United Kingdom (UK), Ireland (IE), Australia (AU), or also Europe are just some of the places where this is becoming a trending topic.

That’s why today I bring you the top 5 personal safety alarms for women.

Comparative Best Personal Alarm For Women

sound safe personal alarm
soundsafe personal alarm
safe sound personal alarm
sound safe personal alarm
safety sound personal alarm


Smart Siren

Tigress Alert

Safe Alarm

Safety Siren

Protector Pitch


Pull Out The Pin

Pull Out Side Bolt

Pull Out The Pin

Pull Out The Pin

Pull Out The Pin








good ico

Military Grade

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good ico

Non-breakable plastic Crush and Fall Resistant 

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good ico








But first, what is a personal safety alarm for women? 

It’s a key holder sized device that can be easily taken anywhere you go. You could add it to a keychain or attach it to a handbag. You won’t notice the difference. When activated, it will produce a sound louder than any screaming. Some of them will even activate a led light, making it easier for others to locate where the sound is coming from.  

It works different to any other self defense device. With other tools, the mechanism of defense is to attack the aggressor. With a personal alarm for women, the goal is to attract attention. The loud sound is a sign that something bad is going on. Anyone willing to help will notice. They will be able to see what’s happening and help. It can also make the aggressor scared of being caught, making them abandon the scene of potential aggression.  

If you what to know what to consider when picking the best personal safety alarm for women, take a look at our Buyers Guide

Best Personal Safety Alarm For Women

Now I bring you a list of the personal alarm Top Rated for women on the market. 

No. 1 Best Seller

Smart Siren

best personal alarms for women
best personal alarms for women

Most aggressors are cowards. They prefer the night to commit aggressions, if they can’t be seen they can surprise you while not getting caught.  That’s why this is the most useful personal alarm device for women who sometimes walk alone at night. 

Our number 1 option is Smart Siren has a bright light that can be seen from far away at night. This feature can be really useful. It helps people locate where the sound is coming from at the time you activate the alarm. It can be the difference between knowing simply that something is wrong (because of the sound), to know where is happening. If you happen to suffer aggression at night, this feature might be key for others to be able to locate you.  

 When you activate this alarm, it will produce a very annoying sound impossible to ignore (130db) . It has been measured at 130db. To put it into perspective, that is how loud is the siren of an ambulance or a Jackhammer. They are so loud that is not recommended to be exposed to them without protection under normal circumstances. 

That’s the reason why this is considered an SOS Emergency device.  The Super loud sound combined with the bright light will make it impossible to be ignored by anyone  nearby.  People around you will be able to notice something’s wrong, hence they will be able to help.  The people found this very useful to improve their protection.

If the aggressor tries to break your alarm, they won’t have any luck.  It is made out of a material called non-breakable plastic . You can step on the alarm, kick it or throw it and it won’t stop working. As a security device, is made so you can rely on it. This feature can be the difference between a tragic story and a failed aggression attempt story. 

 Its availability in 3 colors (black, white and pink) allows it to be highly selected by women who like to stay fashionable and who seek to combine being safe with glamour and elegance. 

If something bad is about to happen, you simply pull the pin from the deviceAnyone near to you will be able to hear the alarm, see the light and come to your aid. The only way to deactivate it is top put the tip back on.  

In this video you can see how bright, annoyingly loud, and resistant the Smart Siren is. I consider this one overall as the best personal alarm defense for women available on market.

Key features  

  • Bright emergency light with an intermittent pattern. 
  • Abuse resistant.  
  • Very Loud Alarm Sound 
  • Light and small 

Potential Users 

Ideal choice for modern women who love elegant fashion with style and glamour, but at the same time achieving the best possible personal safety.

Women that work until night and have to walk through a parking lot alone. 

Women that do the laundry early in the morning. 

Women who go after work to supermarkets and shopping malls that have unsecured parking lots. 

Women who go out at night for night runners, joggers, or walk your dog.

Women walking alone at night in all circumstances.

Elders, seniors, college students are great security for ladies in any situation.

Women working in hospitals, social workers, etc.

Highly recommended for women living outside the city or very lonely rural areas.

This device works both at night and during the day, making it suitable for all types of people who want to feel safe. 

Smart Siren Pros Against Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Long-life Battery (It new nickel-cadmium battery warranties a 365-days life)
  • Noticeably light and portable
  • Long-lasting
  • Available in 3 colors: black, white and pink.
  • Military Grade (Non-breakable Plastic Crush and Fall Resistant)
  • SOS ledlight (Essential to bringing more attention at night)
  • 130db (Audible at long distance)
  • Cool Design
  • Highly camouflaged (It has the appearance of a spotlight)
  • Water Resistant (If you were walking, running, jogging in the rain it would not be damaged)
  • Free Carabiner Clip (Attaches to multiple objects. You can attach it to handbags, backpacks, belts, keys, or carry anyway)
  • Affordable and reliable (It is the cheapest price option)
  • Slightly larger than other options
  • Need a screwdriver to change batteries

Smart Siren Promotional Video

Where to Buy Smart Siren

you’re interested, I got you a special price on the official website.


No. 2 Option

Safe Alarm

personal safety alarm for women

At night is not the only time when you could need aemergency personal alarm for womenWhen walking in plain daylight anyone could be the victim of aggression. If you only walk alone in daylight, this may be your best option. Safe Alarm is our number 2 option for you.

If something bad is about to happen, you simply pull the alarm from the chain. It will produce aannoying sound that will immediately draw the attention of people nearby. The sound loudness is measured at 125db, which is comparable to the loudness of a chainsaw. That level of sound won’t go unnoticedPeople will probably come to check what’s going on, or even the aggressor may get afraid to get caught and abandon the scene of aggression.

The aggressor may try to kick, step on, or throw the alarm, but this won’t shut it up. The only way to deactivate it is to put the pin back in place.  

Due to it’s size, it is a perfect safe personal alarm for woman keychain. It is my second choice as a personal security alarm for women due to its resistance, portability and ease of use.  

Potential Users

As safe alarm comes in 4 colors, it is highly recommended for modern and fashion women that enjoy combining colors in all their accessories and clothing. Who always wants to be elegant, and always maintain a glamorous style.

Safe Alarm Pros Against Cons

  • Easy to use 
  • Long battery life 
  • Convenient size and easy to clip
  • Elegant and discrete model
  • Very noisy, can be heard from a considerable distant place 
  • Aesthetic appeal, available in 4 different colors 
  • Easily added to any key chain
  • Not Military Grade, fall or crush resistance 
  • Not the loudest model
  • No SOS led-light
  • Not water resistant

Safe Alarm Promotional Video

Where to Buy Safe Alarm

Special offer available for our readers, go to the official website.


No. 3 Option

Tigress Alert

best personal safety alarm for women


If you are looking for a multipurpose tool, this might be the one for you. Tigress Alert is our number 3 option.

While being one the best women’s personal safety alarm choice, it works as a flashlight and keychain by itself. This means that it will be on your purse, taking the place of your current keychain. When you need to look for something in the dark, you can turn on your flashlight.  

If someday you are in danger, it will also be able to help you. By pooling the side pin, you will activate a loud alarm capable of drawing the attention of people that can help you. Its loudness is registered at 130 dbThis means that your emergency won’t go unnoticed if you activate this alarm. 

Tigress Alert was not our first or second choice because of 2 main reasons. First, the flashlight won’t activate as part of the alarm system and is not as bright as the one of Smart Siren. This means that if your emergency happens at night, you will not be as easy to locate.

The second is the activation mechanism. The pin is very easy to lose in the event of an emergency. Meaning that is possible that you won’t be able to deactivate and reuse the device given that you come to need the alarm. 

There is a product remarkably similar to this one on the market, the SafeSound personal alarm for womenThey however have big differences. It was not included in this list because is not resistant enough to withstand constant abuse from the aggressor and is not portable enough to be seamless to carry around.  

Potential Users

It’s great for women as well as men who want a multipurpose self-defense tool.  

Tigress Alert Pros Against Cons

  • Easy activation method
  • Long battery life 
  • Light and portable 
  • Very noisy can hear on long distance
  • Works as a key chain
  • Works as a flashlight
  • No SOS light
  • Easy to loose activation/deactivation system
  • Black is the only color option 
  • Not water resistant
  • Not the cheapest option 

I get for you the promotional video of Tigress Alert, see now

Where to Buy Tigress Alert

You can buy on the official website, clicking on the button below.


No. 4 Option

Safety Siren

personal alarms for women

While being the 4th on the list, Safety Siren is the most portable personal safety alarm for women. If your priority is having an alarm that you won’t notice that you’re carrying, this may be the one for you.  

It’s smaller than the average keychain. This means that is probably more portable than the one you have right now in your purse.  

Being so small does not compromise the functionality. If you come to need it, when activated it will produce an alarm sound as loud as the one described in the Safe Alarm (125db).  

That’s enough to get you help. With this loudness, anyone nearby will be able to recognize that something wrong is going on and come to your aid.  

It is also loud enough that it may confuse the aggressor, giving you a brief time to run away if there is a chance. 

Like the safe alarm, is activated by pooling it from the pin/keychain side. It can be deactivated by returning the pin to its place. It can support substantial abuse from the aggressor before stopping the sound. 

Potential Users

It is a good choice for elegant and modern women who are more concerned about being combined than the best possible security. Available in 4 colors 

Safety Siren Pros Against Cons

  • Easy for anyone to use
  • Long battery life 
  • The most light and portable choice
  • Emits 125db sound
  • Available in 4 colors, combinable with accessories and clothing 
  • Is a key chain 
  • Costly option
  • Not the most resistant
  • Lacks SOS led-light
  • Not water resistant
  • Not the loudest

Where to Buy Safety Siren

If you are interested, you can purchase it at the official website, click the button below.


No. 5 Option

Protector Pitch

personal safety alarms for women

Protector Pitch is similar to the Safe Alarm. It brings the same form factor and most of its benefits. 

You will be able to carry it with no problems. In event of an emergency, you can activate it by pulling it from the pin and it will be loud enough to alert anyone nearby.  

It is also abuse resistant. It will require significant effort from the aggressor in order to shut it up. 

Protector Pitch is one of the top 5 High-Quality personal alarm for women available on market, but I would only recommend it in the case that Safe Alarm is not available. 

You may be asking yourself, if it is so similar, why if this one in 5th place while Safe Alarm is in 2nd place? 

It is because of 2 main reasons. First one, Safe Alarm has a better built qualityThis means that in event of aggression, it would be easier for the aggressor to shut up the Protector Pitch than it would be to shut up the Safe Alarm. The second one is that is slightly pricier than the Safe Alarm 

Potential Users

Highly recommended to fashion women who like to blend colors in all accessories and clothing.  

Protector Pitch Pros Against Cons

  • Easy to activate
  • Portable
  • 125db covers good distance
  • Elegant and discrete model
  • Not Military Grade, fall or crush resistance 
  • Not the noisy model
  • No SOS led light
  • Not water resistant
  • The Pricier option from this model

Where to Buy Protector Pitch

Only on the official web site.

Conclusion and final recommendation

Get any personal alarm. No matter which one you get, you will be better protected that with no alarm at all. I bring you a top 5 so that you can pick the option most convenient for your use. 

The one I gave to my mother and wife was option number 1, brand Smart Siren. I know for a fact that in some moments they need to walk alone at night. The one that will most likely get them help is the one that combines audible and visual alert. I gave them the one that in my opinion gives them the best protection. 

It is the best high quality of all the analyzed devices and offers the best possible protection because the SOS led light is an additional feature that will give you better protection at the time of more assaults and robberies, which is at night.

It is a better choice for women who are looking for the best security combined with elegant style and glamour. Since it comes in 3 colors: black, white and pink.

It is important that we reached an agreement with the manufacturer and got a super special price for our readers so you can acquire it as the cheapest option of all presented.

Buyers Guide

The above list of best safe alarms for women to pick from has all that you need. However, it’s also important to note the vital features to consider when choosing your favorite. That said, the following are critical features for an effective personal alarm: 

  • Battery Life:

Keep in mind that you have no idea whether the aggressor will escape or persists once you’ve activated the alarm. Therefore, you need a personal alarm with a battery that can last long enough to get you help. A minimum acceptable time is of 30 minutes. All the alarms in this list can last at least that time continuously on. 

  • Ease of use  

Avoid personal alarms with complex features. You need something you can activate even with your eyes closed.  

  • Durability 

Ensure the device you choose has a military-grade shell just to be safe. This will kep the aggressor from deactivating the alarm by stepping on it, kicking it or throwing it 

  • SOS led light 

SOS light is vital in dark places especially at night or even in dark parking lots among other places. The light will notify anyone nearby where you are and that you need their assistance. 

  • Sound range 

It’s an alarm, so it should be loud enough to be heard in over 100 meters radius around you.  I recommend not less that 125 db. 

  • Quality (Military Grade)

While going for cheap may save you a few bucks, it may not save you at the time of need. Therefore, choose quality over price.  

The military-grade options are created with non-breakable plastic, which allows these tools to not deactivate when dropped on the floor and crushed.

 I am sure that during an assault struggle, you don’t want your personal defense alarm fall to the floor or get stomped by the assailant just to find out that was deactivated leaving you without protection. 

Back to the comparative table


Warnings and Hints

Just like any other alarm, should not be manipulated by unqualified persons and avoid miscalling.

  • Do not use the alarm for entertainment purposes
  • Keep out of reach of children below 6 years old, you better educate your kids on the right use of this device.
  • Keep the alarm away from the ears, it sound could cause damages.
  • Be careful when turn on the flashing light, it’s really intense and could hurt your eyes.
  • If you pull the pin by mistake, you can plug it back in immediately

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Alarms For Women

Does the safe personal alarm really work?

Safe personal alarms have been proven to be very helpful, not only for assault cases but also for medical emergencies. They have helped older and less abled people to call for help in case of falling, hurting, or panicking.

Are safety alarms loud enough?  

Yes, these devices are very loud to the point where they could damage your ears in case of prolonged exposure. And that’s why they are effective in deterring assailants.  That’s the reason why this is considered an SOS Emergency device.  

Why do you need a safe personal alarm for women?  

Are you still contemplating whether to get a safety personal alarm or not? Well, we can help you with that. This device is particularly important in the following scenarios:  

  • Rural areas: If you live in rural areas, there is a chance you may find yourself in paths with scarce people. This situation leaves you vulnerable to attackers. But with personal alarm, you can attract help with ease when you are under attack.  
  • Nighttime: Crime rates are higher at night. You can be attacked on your way home, from the store, or anywhere with a corner of darkness.  
  • Parking lot: Parking lots are no longer safe especially those in the dark basement or deserted parking lot. Thus, you may need this device if an aggressor is after you.  
  • Walk in the park: While walking in the park is body and mind relaxing, not everyone is there for the same purpose. It is a place where women are commonly attacked or harassed. In case you are unlucky to be in one of those situations, a personal alarm can come in handy. 
  • Areas with high crimes: There are neighborhoods and streets known for high crime. If you are exposed to this kind of environment, a personal alarm could be the difference between life or death in the event of aggression. 
  • Runners or Joggers: We all know stories of women who have been followed by strange people while simply trying to work out. This tool could allow calling for help in case you feel in danger while jogging in the streets. 

Found this helpful? If you are interested in obtaining the best personal alarm, read our previous article for more information.

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