Personal Alarms For The Elderly On 2021

personal alarms for the elderly
personal alarms for the elderly

Personal alarm for the elderly are pushed forward as a dependable device for seniors to obtain protection in case of danger of aggression. In addition, they can be very useful in case of medical emergencies such as an accidental fall when alone in the house or when the person is not feeling well.

The personal alarm for the elderly are a new solution focused on personal security. Therefore the personal safety of our elderly makes these devices an urgent need.

For the elderly community, accidental falls at home or workplace are very common and muggings are becoming an increasing problem in many cities around the world. Having a self-defense alarm for the elderly helps solve these situations.

In recent years, elderlies that jog alone are becoming victims of constant robberies. For this reason, personal alarms for the elderly are an alternative to help you feel safe and live with confidence.

5 Best Personal Alarms For The Elderly

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soundsafe personal alarm


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Product Specs

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 safe sound personal alarms
personal alarm safety
personal keychain alarm

Activation Method

Pull Out The Pin

Pull Out The Pin

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Pull Out The Pin

Pull Out The Pin








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good ico

Military Grade, Non-breakable plastic, Crush or Fall Resistant 

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Free Shipping

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Available Colors

Black - Pink - White

Black - Pink - White - Blue

Only Black

Black - Pink

Only White














There are very bad people in this world that have absolutely no regret on hurting others for their own personal gain. This is why every senior citizen, especially those living alone, need to take careful measures to ensure their own safety.

Fortunately, one of the most effective measures takes very little effort or money and that’s securing a personal alarm like the keychain alarm.

Achieving the golden years is one of the greatest things that could ever happen to anyone. But even so, it still comes with a few drawbacks to watch out for.

Many seniors spent their lives worrying about who may be following them or what to do if they have an accident, but things have changed. You don’t have to spent a life full of worries; you can still enjoy that feeling of freedom and safety while having fun and living your life.

It’s all thanks to the best personal alarm safety for the elderly. However, it’s challenging to get one of these devices.

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The market is stuffed with these devices and choosing the proper one is nearly impossible. Luckily, these reviews and guide lines are here to your rescue. Have a look and you will be surprised:

Best Elderly Personal Alarms

No. 1 Best Seller

Smart Siren

elderly personal alarm
The new model of safe personal alarm for seniors and elderly from Smart Siren introduces a new durable shell, military-grade, Manufactured with abs plastic nanotechnology that make it shock and drop resistant, besides a long-life battery. Keep reading to know more,

This option is recommended for all the elderly regardless of whether they are healthy, sick, frail, or geriatric. It does not matter if you live alone or with someone.

Smart Siren is an all-around best safe personal alarm for the elderly. And do you know why? It can be used by any senior whether they live in urban areas or the rural setup. It has an incredibly loud alarm that can be heard meters away. At the center, it’s fitted with an SOS light that’s handy in dark especially in the rural areas where street lights are very scarce.

Smart Siren is definitely a step further in protection since it has a built-in LED high intensive light that flashes and powerfully call attention combined with its loud sound. Let everybody know that something is wrong.

Is a scientific fact, our brain is conditioned to be alert and aware when detect light and noise, that’s our reaction when we hear ambulances or firefighter trucks, we associate those signs with emergencies and we all tend to look at the source of the noise.

And in case of a fall, this device will remain active assuring you of your safety. And that’s not all, it’s rated military grade. This means it will resist breakage or forceful deactivation by an assailant. Thus it will protect you all the time.

Watch the video of my and my wife’s drop and footfall resistance test

Potential Users 

For all seniors or elderly regardless of their condition:

Who exercise by walking, running or jogging.

Who are alone or not.

With any serious illness.

Who walk alone in the streets or through a parking lot.

Smart Siren Pros Against Cons

  • Easy activation – Pull the pin to activate
  • Super loud sound 130db
  • Larger speaker grill for louder alarm
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Great for defense and seeking medical assistance
  • Highly camouflageable
  • Military-Grade Shell
  • Built-in flash light -SOS Night Emergency Light
  • Weatherproof, Water Resistant
  • Powerful and durable batteries
  • Fall and crush resistance
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Free Carabiner Clip
  • Cheapest price option
  • To replace the battery, you need a screwdriver

Where to Buy Smart Siren

Our readers get a special price on the official website.

No. 2 Option

Safe Alarm

personal alarms for elderly
personal alarms for elderly

Safe Alarm is specifically perfect for elderly women. It’s very light enabling them to carry it around without noticing. The compact design fit in their palm comfortably and it’s easy to activate it. Talking of activation, you just need to hold the device and pull the chain. It’s that simple.

Further, Safe Alarm is the best fit for multiple occasions, especially daytime. That said, you can use it when going shopping or when taking a walk in the evening. In case of danger or attack, you can set it off to seek urgent assistance.

And it’s not just robbery that you have to worry about. This device is also practical when it comes to your health. Through its loud alarm, help will arrive from any corner in case of a medical emergency or accident.

And to top it all, this device comes with amazing color options. Some of these colors are charming and a good reminder of your incredible beauty. And if you feel a particular color isn’t enough, they are up to four options to choose from. You can even decide to match each with your dressing code.

Potential Users

The easy activation mechanism of the safe alarm makes it a personal alarm for women or elder women, recommended for all seniors and elderly adults, for use both outside your home and inside your home.

Older people who love to wear different and elegant colors.

Safe Alarm Pros Against Cons


  • Elegant design
  • Effective personal alarm for elderly
  • Complementary design
  • Simple to use
  • Powerful siren
  • Reliable personal alarm
  • Great for elderly women but can also be used by men
  • Immediate protection
  • Very portable
  • Lacks the SOS light
  • It is not military grade
  • Not the loudest model
  • Not water resistant

Where to Buy Safe Alarm

Our readers get a special price on the official website.

No. 3 Option

Tigress Alert

elderly personal alarms
elderly personal alarms

With an intense sound of 130db similar to the take-off of a military aircraft from an aircraft carrier with an afterburner at 15 meters, Tigress Alert is rated as one of the best personal alarms for the elderly.

How often do you walk at night? Well, Tigress Alert is the best personal safety alarm for the elderly who often walk in the dark. Therefore, it’s handy if you are living in rural areas where darkness is common especially in the evenings.

At the tip of this device, it has a LED light that’s bright and handy in the dark. So, if you are walking home late in the evening or the lights are off in the house, simply switch on the LED. And thereafter, you will see where you are going. This light is not a SOS light, you can use like flashlight.

And even so, you can still rely on it during emergencies especially if you live alone. The ear-shattering sound blast will notify your neighbor or somebody close by that you need urgent help. And the same applies when you are under attack or you have been robed in the streets.

Military-grade shell is among the super features that tigress alert is equipped with. It can fall accidentally or be stepped on but this device will not deactivate that easily. Thus, you can rest assured that this device is reliable in any situation.

Lastly, Tigress Alert has an ergonomic design. It’s small and light for portability. On the surface, it’s made rough for good grip during activation or when using the device like a torch.

Potential Users

Highly recommended for elderly people with impaired hand mobility due to degenerative diseases.

Tigress Alert Pros Against Cons


  • Durable build
  • Military Grade, Resistance to forceful deactivation
  • Can used as flashlight or night assistant light
  • Ergonomic design
  • Very easy to use and versatile
  • Ear-shuttering sound blast
  • Can be heard far away
  • Immediate protection
  • No have SOS emergency light
  •  One-color option (Black)

Where to Buy Tigress Alert

Our readers get a special price on the official website.

No. 4 Option


personal alarm for elderly

MaxSiren is, by far, the most responsive personal alarm. Could be used elderly or seniors persons in any risk situation, the appearance is so nice that could be taken as an accessory.

Other spectacular features include lightness that makes it comfortable to carry around. It has a key chain in case you want to turn it into a pendant for easy carriage and accessibility. It offers great protection without being a potential risk to your safety. That means the attacker can’t disarm you or use it against you.

Furthermore, the sound blast rating is beyond safe for human eyes after a few minutes. Therefore, you can easily dissuade an assailant or use it to notify people in case you feel down or in need of urgent medical attention.

Potential Users

I recommend this option when Smart Siren is out of stock, as it is more expensive with the same quality.

MaxSiren Pros Against Cons


  • Durable build
  • Easy to use
  • Grade Military
  • Loud siren 130db
  • SOS light for dark places
  • Long-life Battery
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Free Carabiner Clip
  • Bigger than other models
  • Screwdriver needed for battery replacement

Where to Buy MaxSiren

Our readers get a special price on the official website.


No. 5 Option

Safety Siren

safety alarms for seniors
safety alarms for seniors

Unfortunately, there are people in society who would want to take advantage of the elderly since they are vulnerable. 

But thankfully, most of them have discovered the safety potential of Safety Siren. It’s almost the size of a quail egg but very powerful when activated.

It’s the best personal alarm safety for the elderly. This means any senior is free to get Safety Siren for added protection when they are alone. Therefore, whenever you go, whether it’s for shopping, to the bank, or just a walk, Safety Siren will help you.

From a simple pull of the pin joining the key chain to this device, you will activate it. It’s very effective and loud to a point that it can disorient and confuse your assailant.

Further, its splash resistant, therefore, it will still work even when splashed by water, coffee, or tea. However, don’t tempt to drown it because it’s not a guarantee it will survive thereafter.

And even though it doesn’t come with a military-grade rated shell, it can still survive partial external pressure. It has strong plastic with a solid build; therefore, this device will stay with you longer.  Lastly, Safety Siren is well designed and stylish. Thus it’s decorative to everything you tie it to.

Potential Users

Recommended for the elderly or seniors who are bothered by loud noise, but also want a device that is easy to hide and small in size.

Safety Siren  Pros Against Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Extremely discreet
  • Very easy to use
  • Loud siren 125db
  • Piercing sound siren
  • No activation by error
  • Continuous half an hour alarm
  • No SOS LED light
  • No Military Grade
  • No crush and fall resistance

Where to Buy Safety Siren

Our readers get a special price on the official website.


Through the best personal alarm safety for the elderly, you can keep in touch with people around you. This device will alert anyone from hundreds of meters around you in case you have an emergency. Irrespective of the urgency, when you have one, the help is around the corner in case you need it.

Regardless of the urgency, when you have one, the help is around the corner when you need it.

So, what’s my pick from the list?  My favorite is Smart Siren. Besides the loud and ear-damaging siren (130db), it has two outstanding features. And these are the Military grade,  Water Resistant, shell and SOS light. Thus, even in the worst situation, this device will remain reliable through these 3 features.

What is the best personal alarm for elder people?

For me is Smart Siren, 130db, military-grade with SOS emergency ledlight.

It is the best value for money personal alarm for the elderly.

Personal Alarms For The Elderly Buying Guide

The following are important features to need to consider for the best safety personal alarm for the elderly:


The looks of the alarm are not a functional feature but very important in the purchase of these devices. It feels more comfortable carrying around a good-looking device with a great design even if it’s an alarm. With that in mind, there are various designs and colors that these devices come in.

Sound range

How far can the sound blast from the alarm be heard? You need a device that can cover over 120 meters radius when activated. This range is enough to reach people close to people who will come to your rescue.

Battery Life

Personal alarms are designed to be a lifesaver during an attack or medical emergency. Therefore, the battery is a vital feature. Powerful batteries that could keep the device activate for over half an hour are the most recommended.


Not always will the assailant evade the scene during an attack. As such, you need an alarm with a military-grade form. Such a device will resist forceful deactivation at all costs. Fall and crush resistance could be the better selection you could do.

Ease of use

Since you are looking for the best safe personal alarm for the elderly, ease of use is a vital feature. You need a device that’s simple to operate and easy to activate.

SOS night emergency light

This is an important feature in these devices especially when dusk often finds you out. The light is a great beacon when you activate the alarm in the cover of darkness. Anyone within a close range or a little bit far will be able to notice the distress signal besides the loud alarm.


In general, the best safe personal alarm for the elderly comes at various prices. Therefore, you must first set your budget and then work with that. This will ease the frustration of searching for the proper option to get. It will allow you to narrow your research and get what you need.


What should ELDERLY PEOPLE AND SENIORS take into account before buying a product in this category?

There are multiple features that safety personal alarms for the elderly come with. However, the following are the most important to consider:

≫ Ease of use
≫ Sound range
≫ Cost
≫ Design
≫ SOS light
≫ Battery life
≫ Fall and Crush Resistance

What is the best personal alarm for elder people?

Smart Siren is the best personal alarm safety for the elderly. And it’s because of the following distinct features:

≫ 130db Powerful alarm- it can be heard from hundreds of meters away

≫ SOS night emergency light- that sends distress signal especially in the cover of darkness

≫ Make Abs plastic nanotechnology

≫ Military-grade body for durability and resistance to external forces

≫ Splash resistance

≫ Fall and crush resistance

≫  Lightweight to carry

≫ Easy to use

What are the benefits of best personal alarm safety for the elderly?

≫ An instant alarm that gets help quicker during emergencies
≫ Makes you feel secure at home and in the public
≫ Reliable protection
≫ Cannot be used to harm you during a confrontation
≫ Reducing anxiety among the elderly due to their susceptibility to accidents like falling·
≫ Increases the chances of recovery in the event of a medical emergency by getting help quickly.

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