Greatest 5 Best Personal Alarms For Runners ▷ 2023

Why should you consider using personal safety alarms for runners? The answer is simple and logical.

If many runners who were assaulted by thieves or attacked by animals and even met their death by beasts aggression, if they had only had a personal safety alarms for runners, they would have had a chance to come back or avoid this frustrating situation.

The dangers to you as a runner are many, you could be the victim of brazen muggers, but you can also be attacked by dogs and other dangerous animals.

These reasons make it necessary for you to be aware of the need to be aware of how to protect yourself in any of these scenarios.

Best Personal Alarms For Runners

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 Personal safety alarms for runners are devices used for self-defense or animal control, consisting of a small hand-held unit that emits an ear-piercing sound when activated. Some use a strobe light to disorient the aggressor and activate others in the vicinity. 

One of the dangers faced by runners in rural areas, where animals are present, is attacks by mountain lions (cougars), bears, coyotes, and other dangerous animals. As you can read in this article.

A lot of assailants are cowards. They prefer the night to commit aggressions, if they can’t be seen they can shock you while not getting caught.

Many runners worry about their safety when they are out running and want to stay protected. 

 Runners and joggers are at a higher risk of an assault than other people. Secure personal alarms for runners can help to deter these crimes, and animals attacks. 

One solution is to get a safety alarms for runners. There are different types of alarms, but they all have the same purpose, which is to scare off any potential attacker.

That’s why this is one of the most beneficial safety alarms for runners that often run alone at night or day, in lonely places like trails, forests, and in nature in general.

Runners can strap or wear the alarm in a way that’s comfortable and convenient for them. Best personal alarm for runners can be worn on a necklace or clipped onto clothes with a belt clip. Some alarms can be attached to your hand or wrist for runners who don’t want to carry anything in their hands while running. 

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Suitable for

Personal alarms come in different sizes and styles so there’s one that will work for every runner’s needs and preferences!

Personal Alarms For Runners are a good way to be safe while exercising alone. These devices have a security strap that can be worn around the neck or arm and an alarm button located within easy reach.

Some of the safety alarms for runners come with a power source such as a rechargeable battery, while others need to be manually wound by hand. 

 The advantages of personal alarms for runners are that they can make it easier to feel safe when running in areas where you are more likely to encounter dangerous people or animals. 

Personal Alarms For Runners range from small, cordless pendants to loud, emergency-style sirens with flashing lights. 

The best personal alarms for runners vary in style and price but all are designed to be used while running or walking outside.

I show you now a listing of the 5 leading top rated personal alarms for runners, and  joggers, on the marketplace.


The 5 Best Safety Alarms For Runners

No. 1 Best Seller

Hootie The Best Runner Alarm

The number 1 option is Hootie,  I have selected it as best personal alarm for runners, has a intense light that can be seen from far in the evening. This function can be truly valuable. It helps individuals locate where the sound is coming from at the time you trigger the alarm. 

That’s the reason this is taken into consideration an SOS Emergency device. The Super loud sound combined with the brilliant light will certainly make it impossible to be disregarded by anybody nearby. For all the above mentioned and its extended night protection is that I have selected it as best safety alarm for runners.

People around you will have the ability to notice something’s incorrect, therefore they will certainly be able to help. Individuals found this really useful to boost their defense.

This can be the difference between knowing just that something is wrong (due to the noise), to understand where is happening.

 If you happen to endure hostility during the night, this attribute may be essential for others to be able to find you. Hootie is best personal alarm for joggers and runners.

Runners will certainly find this in Hootie, the most effective personal alarm system for runners. Runners do indeed need to learn to allow themselves to care for themselves.

When you trigger this alarm system, it will certainly generate an extremely annoying noise difficult to neglect (130db). It has actually been measured at 130db. 

 130db is a sound so strong, that it can repel any animal attack, whether it is a dog, bear, mountain lion (cougar), or any other animal. 

Hootie is military-grade made of AB-resistant plastic and is also water-resistant, so if you are running and it starts to rain you have nothing to worry about.

To put it right into point of view, that is how loud is the Hootie of a rescue or a Jackhammer. They are so loud that is not recommended to be subjected to them without security under typical conditions.

When our brain hears a loud sound and sees flashes of light, it immediately associates it with an ambulance, police unit or fire fire engine.

This combination of sound and flashing light is something that is hard to ignore, helping people nearby to realize that something bad is happening, opening up the possibility of getting help quickly.

Potential Users 

If you are a person who runs alone, who runs in mountains, trails, parks and forests, and also if you exercise at nightfall after work, then this is the best personal alarm for runners that I can recommend for you.

Why Hootie Is Superior To All Personal Safety Alarms For Runners

Hootie Best Runner Alarm Review

Hootie Outperforms All Running Safety Devices

Hootie Best Runner Alarm Pros & Cons

  • Easy to turn on just pull the pin
  • 130 db sound
  • Durable Battery
  • Emit powerful flash lights when go active (SOS light)
  • Military-Grade grade
  • Weatherproof, Water Resistant
  • Available at 5 colors (Black, Red, Lavander, Navy & White )
  • Carabiner Clip Free
  • Efficient in repelling animal or human aggression
  • Most affordable cost choice
  • Screwdriver needed to replace batteries
  • Some complaints about its size

Where to Get Hootie

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Safe Alarm safety alarm for runners

No.2 Recommendation

This device, Safe Alarm, emits a loud sound of 125db is where pain by sound begins. 125db deters any criminal or animal attack when you are running or jogging.

It’s extremely small allowing them to bring it about without anybody can observing. The small style suits your hand conveniently as well as it’s simple to trigger it. For a fast activation, you simply require to hold the tool as well as draw the chain. It’s that straightforward.

It has a pin attached to a keychain, Safe Alarm is activated by pulling the keychain, which removes the pin and starts the device, is too easy and practical to react quickly in an emergency.

 It accompanies my wife at all times and on all occasions because the danger is always present. 

Its charming color options allow you to match your outfit clothes, so not only will it protect you when running or jogging, you can wear it when you are out shopping, or when you are leaving work.

Its activation system is extremely simple, just pull the chain, and it will unleash an inferno of sound that will warn all people who are nearby, or if it is an animal attack, they will run to get away from that level of sound (125db) that causes them ear pain.

You can choose 4 colors and can combine them with all your clothes for running and on every occasion.

Potential Users

It is recommended for people who run during the day in parks, trails, mountains, and forests, but it is not limited to this, you can use it to protect yourself and feel safe anywhere.

People who are sensitive to high volume sounds and feel they cannot tolerate 130db, or who think it may damage their hearing.


Safe Alarm Pros Against Cons

  • Easy to activate
  • Fashionable design
  • Durable Battery
  • Easy to carry
  • Very noisy 125 db
  • 4 colors to choose
  • Does not include SOS led light

Where to order Safe Alarm

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No.3 Recommendation

Tigress Alert Safety Alarm For Runners

Tigress alert has been voted among the best self-defense alarms, its 130db of sound is a similar sound to army jet airplane liftoff from an aircraft carrier with an afterburner at 50 feet.

Tigress alert is an excellent choice as a personal alarm for runners because it has a side pin for activation which makes it easy to turn on. It has a light, which is activated by pressing a button, and you can use it as a spotlight, helping you to see in the dark.

Tigress alert 130db sound will persuade any thief that wants to attack you while running or do jogging, but it will also scare away any animal, no matter if it is a dog, cougar, bear, or another beast, so you will always be safe.

To activate Tigress alert has simply pulled the pendant that is placed on the side activation pin as you can see in the picture.

Tigress alert is durable and resistant, but it is also waterproof, so you don’t have to stop using it on rainy days, but if any danger appears it will activate, giving you the security and peace of mind you need. Uses long-lasting batteries.

Potential Users

If you are a person who runs on trails and places where wild animals are present, this may be your best choice, because of the ease of activation by simply pulling the pendant that attaches the pin, which can be worn on your wrist.

Tigress Alert Pros vs Cons

  • Too easy to activate
  • Made of extremely resistant material
  • Emits 130db
  • Light for use as a spotlight
  • Water and drop resistant
  • Only available in the U.S.
  • Black is the only color
  • Not the cheapest price

Where to buy Tigress Alert

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No.4 Recommendation


MaxSiren is the same model as Hootie, it emits 130db of sound, super loud, able to make any beast or any person who tries to attack you run away. The only difference is that it comes in only two colors, black and pink. 

MaxSiren has SOS led light too, which is activated when the alarm is turned on. Material resistant to water, or falls, or footprints, which will allow you to feel safer no matter what happens, since the only way to deactivate it is by re-entering the pin.

It is not as sold as Hootie, because its price is higher, but it enjoys the same quality, so the vast majority prefer to buy it Hootie.

Potential Users 

I recommend MaxSiren to the same people to whom I recommend Hootie, people who run alone at night, who exercise on trails where wild animals are present.

MaxSiren Pros vs Cons

  • 130db loud
  • SOS Led light
  • Military grade materials
  • Easy to activate, just pull pin
  • Water and drop resistant
  • Black and pink are the only colors to be selected.
  • It is the second most expensive option
  • Screwdriver required for battery replacement

Where you can order MaxSiren

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Safety Siren

No.5 Recommendation

Safety Siren is small but mighty. It is the smallest in size of all the recommended models of personal alarms for runners, its sound is 125db, enough to make you feel safe in any situation.

Its activation system is extremely convenient and practical, as the pin is attached to a keychain, so you only have to activate it and the device starts ringing immediately.

Safety Siren is resistant to being wet, so you don’t have to worry if water or coffee falls on it. Also if you are exercising and it rains that day, you do not have to be afraid that it will be damaged, because it is created to withstand the rain, of course, do not put it in a glass of water, because in that position if water enters inside and damage it.

Potential Users 

I recommend it for all types of daytime runners and joggers, as it does not have the extra protection of the SOS Led light. Additionally, I recommend it to people with sound sensitivity, but who need to feel safe and secure.

Safety Siren Pros vs Cons

  • 125db loud
  • SOS Led light
  • Smallest and most discreet model
  • Easy to activate, just pull keychain
  • Long life batteries
  • Only white color available
  • No LED SOS light
  • It is the most expensive option of all
  • No fall resistance

Where you can order Safety Siren

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Final Conclusion and recommendations

Conclusion and Recommendations

The first thing, is to understand that when I talk about personal alarms for runners, it does not mean that you are going to use it only when you run, jog or exercise, this device will be used at all times, because it will offer you security and peace of mind.

Having clarified this, let’s evaluate based on the dangers that runners face, which is the best option for each one of us:

If you are a night runner, prudence dictates that you use a device that emits light, as this guarantees that you will more easily get help in any situation that a criminal tries to rob you, in this scenario I personally use Hootie, which makes me feel safer.

If you run through trails, mountains, parks, and forests in which dangerous animals such as bears, cougars, etc. could appear, my recommendation is to use the one that emits the loudest sound possible, so that they are frightened by disturbing your ears, it could be Hootie or Tigress alert.

If you are a woman who loves to combine your sports outfits and everyday clothing, and you prefer to sacrifice a little security for elegance, I recommend Safe Alarm. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best protection I recommend Hootie, remember that it comes in 4 colors.

It takes into account 2 elements that make Hootie and Tigress alert the best options: Rain resistant, so you will never have to leave it at home, but they are also military grade devices for their drop and footprint resistance, which will give you much more security.

In short, if you are interested in the best security, my recommendation is more inclined to Hootie than any other, if you are interested in elegance or you are very sensitive to loud sounds, my recommendation is Safe Alarm.

I hope you liked this article and my analysis of the best personal alarms for runners, but above all that they give you the possibility to live with peace of mind when running, jogging or simply living the present with all the risks of today.

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