5 Best Personal Alarms You Would Prefer To Carry When Not At Home

Safe Personal Alarm has become a big part of everyday life to anybody looking out to feel safety and for the love ones. The best personal alarm keyring is a must-have for anyone who spends time out in public.

Keeping Personal Alarm For Safety is an integral tool  for women, even for kids, travelers, runners, the elderly and seniors and people with medical conditions 

Not only does it gives you a feeling of security as you go out wherever you feel like, but also to your family members and loved ones who knows you will be safe and taken care of in case of emergency.

Personal alarm are a great tool to make sure you’re safe while you’re on the go. They are small and easy to carry around, so even if you lose them or misplace them, they won’t be hard to find.

Since there are many options to choose from, I will take you through the features and specifications of  my five picks for your Safe Personal Alarm  in 2024.

Top 5 High Quality Safety Personal Alarms In 2024


Smart Siren

Tigress Alert

Safe Alarm

Safety Siren

Protector Pitch


Pull Out The Pin

Pull Out Side Bolt

Pull Out The Pin

Pull Out The Pin

Pull Out The Pin








Military Grade

Non-breakable plastic Crush and Fall Resistant 










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No. 1 Best Seller


safesound personal alarms

personal safety alarm


SafeSound is  my best personal alarm recommendation for women, girls, kids, men, elderly, too for night running people because is a safety personal keyring with led light that provides the best self defense security option, in my opinion.   With a pull pin activation mechanism and 130 decibel soun, SafeSound is an amazingly modest and small personal alarm tool, can be kept tactfully if the situation may require.

if you are woman, and you are interested in being safe in every situation, it is good for you to consider this product as a sound personal alarm with light for women in consideration of is better for you, because SOS led light is suitable for night.

SafeSound could be the best self defense security alarm with led for your needs.

 The SOS led light in a personal alarm siren increases resources,  improving the possibility to call the attention of people who are close to you to come to the rescue in a violent situation. This additional tool in my opinion, turns this personal alarm for self-defense  excellent alternative for elders, girls, college students, kids, runners, joggings or if you are a person who is active outdoors. 
Since it comes with an SOS LED Light, Military Grade make and crush or fall resistance, it sure is a tiny tool you can always rely on.

When making a decision to feel more secure, you will achieve it  if you decide for safety personal keyring with led light, easy to carry, and Non-breakable plastic crush and fall resistant , in case the personal alarm keyring fall into a struggle to the ground during an attack, don’t be left unprotected, like SafeSound which is personal alarm police approved.

In this video I do tests of personal alarm for self-defense SafeSound and confirm that is made of non-breakable plastic which allows it to be crush or fall resistant, thus offering you greater protection and being safe even if you drop it in a struggle.



Either you want to hang it in the keyring or keep it separately discreetly; the gadget is effortless to carry anyway you want.

Recommended Users

This option is recommended for anyone who wants the best protection coverage, both day and night.

 Women, children, college students, seniors, joggers, joggers, people who walk long distances back home, people who leave their jobs at night, people who have to take transportation sometimes alone, etc. 


No. 2 Option

Tigress Alert

It may look like an ordinary keyring, but the 130 decibels make it stand out and alert people around you in case of emergency or security concerns.

For children who walk home alone or women who feel unsafe passing through dark alleys, Tigress Alert can disperse any unwanted intrusions on your way home.

With an easy pull on the side bolt, the alarm is an easy tool to use, even for the elderly who need to keep it in case of emergency.

Recommended Users

Tigress Alert I recommend it for  elderly people or anyone who has mobility problems in their hands, who do not have much strength in their hands  Since all personal alarms when are activated by a side bolt pin it is easier to achieve the activation for this type of person.


No. 3 Option

Safe Alarm

Safe alarm is a small keyring that may look superordinary becomes a Personal Alarm For Safety, causing loud noises to alert people in close and decent proximity. With a 125 decibel sound, the keyring is a very handy gadget for the elderly, women, and children.

Knowing your loved ones have a tool that will save them from harm or any possible emergency is a blessing.

With a small pull pin feature that is easy to manage for children and the elderly, the alarm is a must-buy and gift for your loved ones.

Recommended Users

 People who are not interested in 130db. If you are very sensitive to loud sounds or looking for a less noisy model (125db), but too if you are more active during the day than at night

I also recommend this personal alarm if you want an additional color option  since it has 4 colors available


No. 4 Option

Safety Siren

Safety Siren is a very modest-looking keyring that can be used with your keys and day-to-day essential is an easy tool to carry around.

Either used by children or the elderly, the manufacturer has made an easy to pull pin feature, to alarm a sound of 125 decibels. With this sound so loud, it can alert people living in proximity and passersby to come for rescue or save from any unpleasant intrusions.

With very simple to manage and price that is nothing compared to security, it sure is an amazing gift for your loved ones. While your child walks back home from school, knowing they are armed with a Safe Personal Alarm that puts them in a dominating situation is a relieving feeling.

Recommended Users

 Same as in Safe alarm if you are not interested in the highest amount of sound (130db) but you are interested in a smaller and more compact model, and if you don’t mind that it is only available in white. 


No. 5 Option

Protector Pitch

Protector Pitch just as the name suggests, this tool protects from any possible harm and emergency make a loud sound of around 125 decibel and alert people.

With a very easy-to-use pull pin mechanism, the tool is uncomplicated to manage for children and for the elderly who need assistance due to hand tremors.

Since it is very tiny to carry, you can incorporate it in a keyring or take it with you daily and everywhere.

Recommended Users

 Because it is the most expensive and the lowest quality of all, I only recommend buying this model when Safe alarm is not available. 


Conclusion and final recommendation

In this article I have reviewed the top 5 personal alarm models.

We have tested all of these models and they really are the best quality.

 But I would be unfair if we do not conclude that the best model, to be protected at all times, is SafeSound, since its 130 db of loud sound, combined with the led light flashes that start when the alarm is activated, is impossible to attract the attention of people nearby to come to my aid. 

In addition, it is made of Non-breakable plastic, crush and fall resistant , which prevents it from being deactivated by people who might attack us.

The availability in 3 colors (black, white and pink) makes it more accepted by women who like to be fashionable.

I personally, my wife, my children, and my family use SafeSound, because we understand that it meets the basic features to give us the best protection no matter what time it is.

SafeSound can also be an excellent alternative for the safety of you and the people you love.

If you are a person with mobility problems in your hands or you do not have much strength in it then I recommend you to buy Tigress Alert .


Best Personal Alarm keyring Buyer’s Guide

There are some factors that you must evaluate before you buy the product, and some are as follows:


Everyone tries to give their best to their loved ones, and the need to buy a Personal Alarm For Safety comes with a very specific reason on the grounds of safety or security. The tool must be meeting the criteria and should be able to deliver the promise of quality and service.

In dire situations, such as a personal investment in buying tools like Safe Personal Alarm, it fails to deliver can result in harm or loss, even worst loss of life in medical emergencies.

Hence one must make sure that the gadget provides the results as mentioned on the fine print of the tool manual.

Easy to use

It is a misconception that these gadgets are only used for women who have to travel alone or late hours or feel unsafe. They sure are widely used by women, but this gadget has become an easy purchase for the elderly and children.

Elderlies who have dire medical conditions and need instant care or attention in such cases need to use it in a state of distress. Hence it’s vital for the tool to be user-friendly and easy to use on the first attempt.

Moreover, when children are fallen in any unfortunate situation, it should be simplest to use for security and safety amid panic or distress.

Loud and Clear

For the purpose of attracting the attention of passersby or people living nearby, the gadget must be very noisy and clear to surprise people or even from sleep.

Occasionally gadgets are available in 120-125 decibels which is a decently noisy noise for a gadget, while some gadgets are as loud and deafening as 130 decibels.

Consequently, it is not a prolonged sound; hence, it should be loud enough to attract attention in case of a medical emergency or shock the attacker to disperse.

SOS Led Light

If you are a person who does a lot of activities at night or who has delicate health conditions, it is recommended that you select a personal alarm with led light.


If you are looking for the best possible protection, it is very important to make sure that your alternative is made of a tough plastic that can withstand falls but is also resistant to crushing.

From my own experience in 2017, I can assure you that no one wants to be assaulted and the tool on which you were placing your hope to fall to the ground during the assault is deactivated.

 I don’t want to see anyone go through this situation as I did. At that moment I became aware that by saving a couple of dollars I put my safety at risk. I also learned that quality is more important than price when we want to be safe or the people we love. 


For clarification

About This Personal Alarm keyring Article

This article is based on high-quality user feedback of personal emergency alarm, and the tests I have performed, and the reports of many users in countries such as United States (usa), Canada (ca), Australia (au), United kingdom (uk), Ireland and New Zealand (nz).

I have also personally tested all the models mentioned here at night and during the day in order to measure the reaction of the people in the environment.

I have always been approached by several people where I have activated the gadgets.

When I talk about self defense alarms or personal security alarms I’m not referring to home (like some sound personal alarm for home) or car alarms, in those scenarios other tools are used.

I am talking about personal alarm keyring for emergency and self defense siren when you out of home, but about when you doing other outdoor activities, known by many as safe personal alarm, emergency safety alarm or defense alarm keyring.

There others brands of security alarm keyring like kosin safe alarm, alarm siren song or wohome safe personal, as well as 140db models that we do not take into account because of the high reports of hearing discomfort they cause to the user.

These models of emergency personal alarm keyring, are sold by large ecommerce websites such as amazon, Walmart, ebay in addition to others, many of these models report poor quality problems and constant failures, so we have not taken them for analysis


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of a Safe Personal Alarm?

Safe Personal Alarms are gadgets for personal protection that may be a lifeline when needed. The loudest sound they emit can attract help when you need it most.

The main purpose of the personal alarm is to provide security in case of danger and to attract the attention of others through its super noisy sound. The harsh sound of the personal alarm often frustrates the attacker and gives you a chance to escape.

How loud is 120 Decibels?

According to MyHealth.Alberta 120 decibels is as loud as a rock concert, and a normal conversation is measured at 60 decibels. 120 decibel is an extremely loud noise; hence one must be careful to keep them away from the ear when using. Moreover, it is not a continuous sound; hence, it will not harm ears when used safely.

Are Personal Alarms keyring For Safety effective?

Yes, in case of emergencies, they have attracted attention and helped save lives in medical and security emergencies.

Are Personal Alarms For Safety battery operated?

Yes, these emergency safety alarms are battery-operated, and these batteries come with a decent life and can be replaced.

If you are a woman you may be interested in reading my article The top 5 Personal Alarms For Women

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