SafeSound Safe Personal Alarm Review 2023

In this article, you will find my and my wife safe personal alarm review, but not only our you gonna find others safe personal alarm reviews about SafeSound Pro. We will show you why it is the option that offers you more security and peace of mind, based on our experience and that of others.

SafeSound Pro is the only “non-violent” option that provides safety, protection, and peace of mind to people in any situation. Its quick activation can avert accidental false alarms and provide instant safety when needed. (so it doesn’t hurt anyone.).

SafeSound Pro is a personal safety alarm that can either be worn as a necklace or carry where you want. It’s also made for those who are less physically intimidating and in turn, more vulnerable to attack.

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Military Grade Crush or Fall Resistant

Power Source 

Battery Reminder

vigilant personal alarm

Activation Method

Pull the pin

Pull pin alarm

Pull the side bolt

Pull alarm keychain

Pull the keychain


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Safety and peace of mind has never been easier to achieve

Why SafeSound Pro
SafeSound Pro is the perfect way to scare off a would-be attacker. Simply pull on the pin and you’ll activate a strobe light and 130-decibel alarm that’s as loud as a jet engine.

SafeSound Pro can be an invaluable safety tool. With one quick touch, it will scream loud enough to penetrate through walls and shine a bright light in all directions. In doing so, it not only prevents you from becoming the victim but also alerts others that someone needs help. Assailants are afraid of encountering people using it

SafeSound Pro is a must-have for every woman. They can act as a deterrent against an attacker and also help in the event of an emergency.

Recommended by self-defense experts

It’s tiny and easy to set up carry the SafeSound Pro with them at all times, whether running in the park, or go shopping, to the market, come walking home at night. It’s easy to see why people love it. It makes for a comfortable driving experience, it’s powerful, and the features are really easy to use. This is why demand is increasing day after day.

SafeSound Pro is the perfect solution for people who want to live an everyday existence without the fear of having to use violence on a regular basis.

Over 130 decibels means it’s loud enough to scare away attackers, get you out of any dangerous situation, or alert people nearby.

SafeSound Pro is made from durable material, is crush or fall resistance, military grade and comes with a light ( SOS LED Light) which can be helpful when people are in trouble. Plus they’re extra special for whenever you need to survive an emergency.

Pros and Cons of SafeSound Pro

  • Simple to use
  • Audible at large distances
  • Sos strobe light
  • Military grade
  • Long lasting battery
  • Easy to attached
  • Voluntary activation
  • Frightens the assaulter
  • Water Resistant
  • Free Carabiner Clip
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Battery expires
  • Passive device
  • Need a screwdriver to change batteries

Now let’s evaluate in more detail what are the advantages and disadvantages of this product

  • Pros

Simple to use: all you need to do is pull the device to activate and put the pullback to inactive.

Audible at large distances: when you trigger it, the SafeSound Pro will emit a sound of 130db, which is VERY loud, helpful to let anybody near know you need help. It is louder than an ambulance siren.

Sos strobe light: This allows you to increase the perimeter and the ease of attracting the attention of people who are close to you.

Military grade: crush or fall resistance.

Long lasting battery: it has a life-long battery that makes you feel assured you its use twenty-four hours of the day.

Easy to attached: to purses, keys, and backpacks.

Voluntary activation: others safe personal alarms can be turned on by accident because they activate by pressing a button, this can be inconvenient. That is why SafeSound Pro and its pull-to-activate system are better.

Frightens the assaulter: with the flashing lights of high intensity, the assaulter will either run for his safety or be blinded by the light


Battery expires: you should carry an extra battery, in case the current battery dies and you become helpless.

Passive device: because SafeSound Pro is a passive device, it will try to disturb the attacker, but it will not deliver any electrical signal. For that reason, it can’t physically disable the assaulter.

Need a screwdriver to change batteries: due to the way the product is sealed.



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What Do People Have to Say about SafeSound Pro – safe personal alarm review?

People seemed to be really impressed with the siren. They found that it was easy to use and that it had a nice high pitched sound.

SafeSound Pro is a device that emits a loud, high-pitched sound when someone presses a button on the product’s remote control. It can also be activated by pressing any button on the alarm itself.

My Family SafeSound Pro Reviews

What is the safe sound personal alarm that my family and I use?

It’s the SafeSound Pro safe personal alarm that I and my family use; it has proved useful in different scenarios.

My wife and I bought the first one to see if it was really military quality if it really resists crushing and falls. Taking into account what would happen in a real case of aggression that simply in the struggle you would fall and the assailant if he tries to crush it would do it erratically dominated by the nerves.

Is SafeSound Pro personal alarm legit?

Yes, there is no law or regulation that prohibits the use of SafeSound Pro personal alarm, on the contrary in several countries the police recommend people to use this type of device for their safety.

if you’re looking for a personal alarm that’s discreet, effective and affordable, SafeSound Pro personal alarm is a perfect option. It is an excellent tool to have in any emergency situation where you might need it most.

Safe Personal Alarm Review My Personal Review

From experience I can say that the worst experience of a user of these types of devices, is to have a confrontation with an assailant, you activate your alarm and when it falls to the floor it goes off, it is better to see the worst scene of the movie the exorcist, because when it goes off your blood runs cold because you know that you are at the mercy of the attacker.

For this reason we started to buy to test and find one that was military grade. We decided to try the SafeSound Pro based on a quality price analysis too.

In this video we show you our tests of crush or fall resistance



My  Wife SafeSound Pro Safe Personal Alarm Review

This is the testimony of Sharon Carter, my wife:

I was going alone from the supermarket early night. I went to my car in the parking place. When I was putting the keys to open the door, a young man caught me from behind and said ‘don’t fight’, give me your bag! He was pulling to take my bag. And at this moment, I remembered that I had my personal SafeSound Pro in my car keys, I quickly reached the safe sound personal alarm and pulled out the pin. And the loud sound and the flashlights impacts young people who start running like hell.

My safe personal alarm review

I have to travel to many countries because of my job. I never go outside in any country without my SafeSound Pro, especially when they are countries with a high crime rate, but I always use it no matter which country it is; Canada, Chile, Australia, United Kingdom, Haiti, Africa, etc. It is my companion in my travels both for work or for pleasure. Here you have a photo of my SafeSound Pro.

safe personal alarm reviews

As we have recommended all over the world, we collected safe sound alarm reviews from this SafeSound Pro brand.

Other People SafeSound Pro Reviews


Other People Safe personal Alarm Review: SafeSound Pro

SafeSound Pro is being used by hundreds of our customers and they are all very happy with the results. Here are a few testimonies to show what a great device it is.

Caroline Howard
Bronx, New York, United States

I bought SafeSound Pro, Personal Safety Alarm,  worried about Halloween because my children go out to visit houses and in 2018 a girl disappeared, causing me great stress but I did not want to take away the illusion from my child, so I decided to buy.

I taught my child how to use it and brought me the best surprise of my life. In Halloween 2019, a man tried to grab him and he activated the alarm. The neighbors came and grabbed him before the scandal that could’ve been made. It turned out that he was a companion of work in disguise. I tried to scare him, but he may have been a child molester.

From that moment on, all my female neighbors have bought it for both themselves and their children. It’s really the best safe personal alarm.

Penelope Dunn
Ontario, Toronto, Canada

I was robbed and thank God only my wallet was taken from me and that caused me strong post-traumatic stress. I was almost paranoid; I hardly left my house thinking that I could have been raped. I even thought of moving to another city.

 A coworker told me that she had bought a safe sound personal alarm device called SafeSound Pro, and that when she was leaving a bar, when she was going to get into the vehicle, a man tried to grab her and she activated the device, gathering many people and the criminal started to flee.

After this, I did not hesitate and bought it. Even though nothing has happened to me but I am making my life normal. It has given me back the security I needed, the post-traumatic stress is gone and I can go out normally without having to worry. It is always hanging on the outside of my wallet, is also very easy to use. My Personal Safety Alarm that give me peace of mind.

In canada SafeSound Pro personal alarm has become a trend and something very used, since we like to travel.”

Hannah Taylor
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

In the city where I live, we have a lot of crimes and a friend of mine who is a police officer recommended that I buy the self-defense siren SafeSound Proso I did not hesitate and really after buying I have peace of mind and not only that, I avoid being robbed or raped.

Months ago I was leaving work late with a colleague, we went to my car that was parked at 4 corners and 3 young men tried to attack us to take us to an alley, according to one of them, he said aloud, to the alley indicating to the others where to take us, thank God I had mental clarity and activated the device, they automatically got scared, releasing us, taking advantage of that moment we ran desperately, raising a lot of scandals, leaving security of some stores that were close.

After that experience, I bought another one for my 21-year-old sister so that when she leaves, I and my parents will have peace of mind.

Tanya Smith
Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Good idea for safety for anyone you may think should have one

I bought these for my daughter, mom, and mother-in-law and was quite pleased with them. Used them as stocking stuffers!

Tested them all and all worked and are extremely loud. Good attention getter if you ever felt endangered. Some have also said they didn’t get the glass breaker tool with them, I did. Best Personal Safety Alarm I ever buy.

Karen Schneider
Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Great product for safety in urban and rural areas!

While I don’t live in a high crime urban area, I think your product is a great idea for any woman, like me, in rural areas.

I live in the forest, and we have had a bear sighting this summer so, I bought the bear spray but realized that the container was large and awkward to carry while hiking. Then I did research and realized that bears will run when they encounter loud noises, so this alarm is compact and much easier to carry while out and about.

It gives me, and my fellow hikers a sense of security wherever we go. BRAVO on this product!

Anna Crawford
Tampa, Florida, United States

“My husband and I bought 4 SafeSound Pro because we were worried about my mother living alone. She has some trouble using her phone and she has fell at least twice this year. We gave her one of the devices, hoping she won’t need it but she did. We got a call from her neighbor saying they hear a loud noise coming from my mother’s house.

They immediately went to see what was happening and found out my mother had fallen in the bathroom. They helped her right away. That was such a scary situation, what would have my mother do without her personal alarm? I’m so grateful I find out about this product. We feel better knowing she can ask for help whenever and wherever she needs it.”

Keila Lopez
Brooklyn, New York
, United States

“I bought one because I was going to college in the night shift, when class was over I had to walk and wait alone at the bus stop, this was every night. I have not had to use it but I feel way more relief now that I have one SafeSound Pro.”

Cathy Steward
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

“Last month I bought SafeSound Pro for me and my daughters, I can say they work because the other day when I was leaving the train station I noticed somebody was following. He followed me to a dark street and pulled a knife. I almost die afraid. I grabbed the alarm and pull it, and like that he started to run. I ran in the opposite direction and turn off the siren, there were already some people outside their houses asking me what happened. I am not trying to be dramatic, but having one of these literally saved me! I make sure me and my daughters carry one everywhere.”

Christian Serrano
Houston, Texas, United States

“I love to travel, I like tourism, I always take my SafeSound Pro with me, it has accompanied me to a lot of countries. I make sure I always carry in my keys or my backpack. I can walk the unknown streets knowing that if somebody hypothetically attacks me, I can turn it on and escape from the assault.”

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What the experts say

Experts suggest carrying SafeSound Pro with you wherever you go.

It can be scary when a stranger starts following you. Most people tend to think they would do everything in their power to keep themselves safe, but when it really happens, many people don’t know how to react in these situations. The average American is 10 minutes away from a shooting and 70% of all school shootings have been committed by students.

It’s clear that people need something to protect them, especially if you’ve seen a lot of bad things happen in the world recently, or the consequences have been close to you. Even if you carry pepper spray or another self-defense mechanism, it can be hard to use it at first and by then it might be too late.

One of the first things to keep in mind is that, in high-pressure situations, people can be overcome by fear and entirely shut down. What if I accidentally pepper spray an innocent person while using the self defense device?

We’ve spent a long time researching and looking for a new personal safety device for people to use, and we think we’ve found the perfect one – SafeSound Pro. You can attach it to your keys so that if you ever feel unsafe, you know press the keychain and an alarm will instantly go off.

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The best defense device on the market is now available to buy

SafeSound Pro is the most advanced of its kind and has been developed by a leading global company in order to protect people from crimes such as home invasions, robberies, and assaults.

Main Advantages

  1. SafeSound Pro is a personal safety device for those who want to stay safe and discourage potential attackers when they’re out on the streets. It’s also perfect for every day use such as cycling, running, or public transport.
  2. The loud noise this device makes will alert people nearby of your location in the event of an emergency and will allow you to receive help.
  3. The flashing light helps people nearby at night to know more quickly where something bad is happening and triggers their curiosity, so they will offer you quick help.
  4. It’s 100% safe and provides protection without any risk of injury.
  5. Available in light and durable nylon, these are easy to use. Simply pull to activate the alarm.

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ALL people should carry SafeSound Pro

In a situation where someone could harm themselves or others, they may not know what to do for fear of making the wrong choice. This is where a self-defense device can provide comfort because it cannot harm the user. SafeSound Pro is one such device that provides protection from dangerous situations, and it can’t be used ineffectively because it has sensors on all sides to ensure

Just pull on the pin to set off your 130 decibel alarm (Decibel Level comparison). To stop the alarm, just put the pin again.

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Start make use of SafeSound Pro and love its power

SafeSound Pro was created with an elegant, compact design that is modern and fits right in your purse or backpack so you can have it with you at all times. It takes only a few seconds to activate!


Why do you need Personal Safety Alarm?

Most of us are very vulnerable, we either love running and hiking, or we work until late at night. We never know when things such as robbery, assault or kidnapping will occur. They often are very traumatic situations that we don’t see coming, and in the moment, we can’t think clearly of a way to escape or to ask for help.

SafeSound Pro, is an easy to use and carry device that will provide you a clear way to alert the people around you, attract their attention and to disturb the assailant. It will give you a sense of peace and safety. With SafeSound Pro you will know what to do in these scenarios.

SafeSound Pro personal alarm price?

If we take into account what it offers you, being safe and avoiding being attacked on the street, its price is cheap, especially compared to other models. Besides being the best quality in the market.

How do you use SafeSound Pro?

Very simple, SafeSound Pro uses a “pull the pin to activate” system. In case you need it, you can pull the pin and the self-defense keychain, then a very loud sound of about 130 decibels will be emitted, bringing attention and aid to your location.

When you feel safe, you can inactive it by putting the pin back in.

Where to buy safe sound personal alarm

You can buy in SafeSound Pro personal alarm website.


Send us your reviews if you are interested in them being published on this website.

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